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Omega labs.

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  Omega Ruins

The place where all things are kept (like a historical)
Posted by: The_Great_omega
Feb 9, 2004
Theh anti-sisterhood revolution MUST happen.


My sis. Is annoying my head has HECK!



That wasa another idiotic Omega Labs. production.All rights reserved.

There are 49 Replies:
Message Person Date

But I'M a sister! MEEE! Not *YOUR* sister, but, uh... *A* sister! -_-'

But, uhm, hiya ^_^'

MeanieMoogleLouise Feb 9, 2004

No...Y-youre a sister??How can that be?And an annoying one??Nooooooooooooo!Y_y

helow.How yu beeh?^_____^?

#-prepares some C4's.

The_Great_omega Feb 9, 2004

Yes! I'm TWO people's sister. Yeah. Take THAT! ^_^'

*is not THAT annoying, honestly* ^_^'

* no need for C4s* ^_^'

Ahem, i be fine ^_^'

MeanieMoogleLouise Feb 9, 2004

Heeelowww my fellows,how do you do?*pulls out a sword made of gold*i am a king of holy angels

Gilga Feb 9, 2004

I'm not a "fellow". And you stole Omega's "helow"! O_O

MeanieMoogleLouise Feb 9, 2004

Oh Yeah?!?!?!????

But I'm FOUR people's BROTHER!How about THAT???

*is not annoying either.My brothers are the annoying ones.Really.*

The_Great_omega Feb 9, 2004

anyone who talks to me is a fellow and ive seen many other people say helow...fellow.

Gilga Feb 9, 2004



#-is theh angray.

The_Great_omega Feb 9, 2004

ive seen many people use helow,and you cant harm me...I AM A KING!A VERY POWERFUL KING!

Gilga Feb 9, 2004

Then they must PAY either.

Helow is an omega Labs. production.All rights reserved.

The_Great_omega Feb 9, 2004

Join me and you can become a king as well,my fellows

Gilga Feb 9, 2004

and I'm the king of the end.I can finish with watever it was started.Including YOU!

The_Great_omega Feb 9, 2004

What?Join you To be a member of the renegaded "M-force"?

Well,I have a thing to tell you kid-NO!

The_Great_omega Feb 9, 2004

what?I cant understand your omega labs.production.all rights reserved language

Gilga Feb 9, 2004

Renegaded?the M-Force is not renegaded

Gilga Feb 9, 2004

FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Omega's gonna kick your butt ^_^

Incidentally, I'm NOT a fellow. I'm female, therefore not a fellow. It's not THAT hard a concept...

MeanieMoogleLouise Feb 9, 2004

whatever guys,fellow doesnt mean your a man,it means your a friend*_*

Gilga Feb 9, 2004

It is.The M-force is the house club for the power hungry people that want to become mods,and since they can't,they "created" those clubs.

They are not the official GT's Law force.The law will be applyed by the Mods.That's why they exist.

The_Great_omega Feb 9, 2004

Fellow is a word with masculine connotations, and I'm not your friend. _

Oooooh! The WANNABE MOD FORCE! Lolus ^_^'

MeanieMoogleLouise Feb 9, 2004

we dont try to be mods its just a group that was made up for fun not power,you dont see me trying to be a mod,i just want to talk,and it seems like were hated just because you guys mistakingly think we want power

Gilga Feb 9, 2004

Yeah.I'm gonna kick your B--

Wait!Am I gonna do that?o_O??

Fellow it's a male...huh...adjective or watever it is...But it is MALE!And besides,you don't even know us,so don't call us that.

The_Great_omega Feb 9, 2004

why does everyone want to argue with us?man mml,your real cold hearted

Gilga Feb 9, 2004

I'm not cold-hearted - you have to EARN my friendship, and you haven't. And to be honest, people who make up clubs on GT are nearly ALWAYS people I don't wanna know...

You're no exception.

Yeah, omega! Kick his butt! Uh... yeah... uhm... uh... *quiet* ^_^'

MeanieMoogleLouise Feb 9, 2004

go chisel some ice off your heart if you can find because i dont deserve this mean talk to me from you guys,im just trying to be friendly and chat with you guys,seems like all you want to do is be mean to me

Gilga Feb 9, 2004

what did i do to deserve this from you guys anyway,oh let me think...NOTHING!

Gilga Feb 9, 2004

Tell me then...Why is the club named M-force(Moderator Force) and not something else?

I saw the birth of the Club and I know who made this club.It was someone called "king of pointless",and they even proposed to give them power to "help" fighting the evis in pointless.

Of course,it wasn't acepted,and you where early forgoten.

The_Great_omega Feb 9, 2004

that force was forgotten a while ago,and you hate me because of THAT?or so it seems because youre being so cold to me

Gilga Feb 9, 2004

you two should be ashamed of yourselves!i come to this site to chat,not argue about the mf

Gilga Feb 9, 2004

You must go through the usual "channels",and your presenting yourself to us wrongly and youre came and talked with us by telling us something that wasn't post-related.

ok MML...If....huh...ya...heh...hum...say so...

#-kicks Gilga's butt.

The_Great_omega Feb 9, 2004

"i dont deserve this mean talk to me from you guys"

TWO things about that sentence that made me think "Oh! Time to REALLY annoy this guy! wewt."

  • My name is MEANieMoogleLouise. MEAN. Think about that one.

  • GUY is also a masculine word. Tsk!


  • MeanieMoogleLouise Feb 9, 2004

    what is your problem,why are you being mean to me?can you at least tell me that?

    Gilga Feb 9, 2004

    well,maybe you didnt notice it but youre only being mean to me,not tgo.

    Gilga Feb 9, 2004

    MML....Guys in the plural can also be apllyed to theh womans if in the group there is at least one guy.


    Huh...I mean...huh...Youre right MML.^__________^

    And I just Did told you WHY are we badly reacting to ya like this...

    The_Great_omega Feb 9, 2004

    no you didnt,because im on the mf,thats not a good reason

    Gilga Feb 9, 2004

    Heh, me and my friends use "guyette"-- ahem ^_~'

    I'm not being mean to Omega because...


    And I was a bit mean to him when we first started talking... *remembers teasing Omega by posting as "Not a Moogle* ;P

    MeanieMoogleLouise Feb 9, 2004

    could anyone help me? i need your assisstance, just for 2 seconds.

    Midnight Embrace Feb 9, 2004

    why cant i be your friend?because you dont know me?and teasing isnt close to how badly you 2 are treating me

    Gilga Feb 9, 2004

    oooh...The good old GT days...In da summer...^______^

    I mean...huh...

  • ahem*

    Yeah.And I'm not beeing mean to her too because:

    Her name is Lulu. XD

    and also,I'm beeing mean to you because you STOLE my helow.

  • The_Great_omega Feb 9, 2004

    WHAT!BECAUSE OF THAT!!I come here to talk,not to argue about helow,if you want to complain,go to the complain forum because thats where you argue,not here

    Gilga Feb 9, 2004

    Geeze,you really are an annoying newbie,ya know...

    Complaints forum is to complaint about something about GT!Not something like this.It's about GT!You hear?GTGTGTGTGT!!!

    The_Great_omega Feb 9, 2004

    Actually, the complaints forum is for... complaints. About GT. And spam. _

    And yes, he isn't mean because my name is Lul-- HEY! *chases Omega with a knife*

    MeanieMoogleLouise Feb 9, 2004

    That's Rigt MML!

    #-high fives MML.


    #-runs away has HECK!!!

    The_Great_omega Feb 9, 2004


    Gilga Feb 9, 2004

    Actually,this is MY POST!

    And If your here to chat,stop stealing my STUFF!!!

    AND don't COPYCAT ME.You hear??


    The_Great_omega Feb 9, 2004

    i havent stolen anything.that helow thing is not yours okay?you got that?ive heard many people use who probly havent even heard of BACK OFF!

    Gilga Feb 9, 2004

    YOU back off.

    #grabs Gilga.

    #-throws her out of da post.

    And NEVER come back again.

    #-closes post door.

    The_Great_omega Feb 9, 2004

    im back

    Gilga Feb 9, 2004

    ill chat tgo.

    The God of Holy Angels Feb 9, 2004

    why are you guys arguing?

    The God of Holy Angels Feb 9, 2004

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