What I did on my Summaahh Vacation
By Stuaaaht Claaahk

This summah was verrrhy exciting fohhr me. As a teachaah, it is verrrhy impohhhtant to me to be able to do lots a traveling. One of my favohhhrite stops along the way was Iraq. I got to see a living legend, and was honohhhrahhry guahhhd fohhh a day!

A huge thanks to Saddam fohhh lettin me chill in his crib.

Then I was on to Yankee Stadium wheeehre I was named HONOOOHAAAHRY bat boy fohhhr the day even though I'm neahhrly fohty yeaahs old. I even had a baseball caaahd of myself and Deeehreeek Jetuh made by Fleeah.

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