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Currently Strictly Juice accepts only Cash as a method of payment on all orders less than $1000. For options on orders larger than this please contact me.The process is very simple.

1) Email us with product information and quantity. Please provide specific product name/brand and exact quantity of each product.

2) We will then send you the total for your order with shipping costs included.

3) You then make the payment and email the tracking number, along with the senders name and the shipping address.

5) If you like you can inform us when your product/s arrive.


Shipping cost is dependant on the size of your order. For each parcel there is a $20 charge. Each parcel can contain up to 120 1ml amps or 40 Deca amps or 2000 tablets.

TA is approximately 10-15 days, depending on location.

Minimum order is $300

In the case of “seizure” products will be resent, at no cost, with proof ie. customs letter/notice.

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