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- Letter From Jon -
Wednesday, September 15th 2004:
Okay, so we have a lot of exciting news going on with the band these days. As most of you already know, after about a 6 month break due to no bass player - we now have not only a new bassist but also a trumpet player as well. We have been in contact with the owners of Hartland Studios in Galena, IL and will be spending a couple of days cutting a 5 to 7 song mini-record in the middle of next month. Now we know all of you are expecting to hear our songs such as The Mess, Yesterday's News, etc. on this record - but this will not be the case. We MAY have one or two new versions of some of our old material, but the majority of this record will be all NEW SONGS. After we had a few band practices I realized that this really is a new band, so it would be a little pointless to play old material. At this point I have three brand new songs written, and in my opinion they are probably the best pieces I have produced to date. We have really gotten in touch with our punk roots again and taken them in a new direction. This record has somewhat of a theme so far, and is packed full of some really important messages that I am hoping people will pick up on. So I will do my best to update this temporary blog as much as possible.
NEW WEBSITE - Mike has been working on the design of the new site and let me tell you - its looking great. MUCH more professional than anything I could ever produce thats for sure. So be on the lookout for the new site to open within a month from now (I hope cuz this crappy site sucks). It will be jam packed with new pictures, bios, band news, shows, and much more. So PLEASE - stick with us! We're commin outta the woodwork again. See ya soon.