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4-22-04: "The Busted Lift" Dubuque, IA. ONE NIGHT ONLY the Heroes will be playing an ACOUSTIC SET with some very special guest musicians! This is a 21+ show so bring your fakes if you need to damnit! More info comming soon!


12-05-03: "Easy Street" Dubuque, IA. We will be hitting the bars on friday night with our pals Echo 3 in downtown Dubuque. We are still ironing out the details with the bar owners so more info (and more shows) to come soon!

10-31-03: "RANDOM PARTY HOUSE" Dubuque, IA. Wowie zowie another rrandom house party right here in DBQ! We cant tell you where it is unfortunatly (don't want the fuzz to attend) but I figured we should at least let our fans know we are still partying and playing (a bit more of the partying in this case). So if you can find out where this place is then come on down, that is if your "21" (gotta say that for legal reasons, heh).

11-13-03: "The Arena" East Dubuque, IL. For all of your who are 21+ (or have a good fake) come see us open for Echo 3 and don't forget to get trashed. We go on at 9:00pm SHARP and will play for about an hour. Stick around and check out Echo 3, right after us.

10-25-03: Yet another show with nationaly touring band "Echo 3" waaay out in Fennimore, WI. Show starts @ 9pm and is only $3 to get in @ Lord Grundy's (in the basement)

10-31-03: "RANDOM PARTY HOUSE" Dubuque, IA. BOO! A Halloween show finally! (and a toga one at that!) I doubt any of you will be able to get to check this show out seeing as its one of those random college parties. We actually played a show there on the 18th of this month just by chance (and got a kick ass responce by the way), but I figured I would post it up here anyway. Ha!

11-07-03: "UNIVERSITY OF DUBUQUE" Dubuque, IA. Come on out to UD for one hellova show! Show will start @ 9:00pm in the "Blades" Building - playing with Echo 3 will! Its free to get in so just show up!

10-18-03: "RANDOM PARTY HOUSE" Dubuque, IA. Just a last minate show that we are playing. Hopefully it all works out! If you know about this party then come, if not - whatever. Beer is $5 all you can drink.

10-31-03: ***CANCELLED***
We will be playing a show in Platville, WI with local rockers Kliplock. We have no info yet but it is a definate book. We will let you know!

09-26-03: "JULIEN INN" Dubuque, IA. Playing with Echo 3 and The Geisert 8 Band. Doors open at *;30 and We go on at 9:00. All Ages, $4 to get in.

08-09-03: ***CANCELLED***
"SKATE BBQ" Fulton, Illinois. This is a pretty big event, 6 great bands will be playing from 3:00pm - 9:00pm. The show is as follows:
1st: Trigger Shifters
2nd: Assasins of Youth
3rd: Sedition
4th: Slapstick Heroes
5th: Bull Goose Looney
6th: Lost Prayer
Admission is only $3.00 - thats all the info we have more now, hopefully more comming soon.

07-25-03: "KYLE SLIVA's MAD GRAD PARTY" We will be playing for Peet-o's brother and friends out on some CRAZY FARM PARTY!!! Whhhooooo!! We have no details at all, and probably wont! But - we will be very drunk.

06-28-03: "GEORGIES SKYLINE" Dubuque, IA. Heroes will take the stage at 9pm. No ticket price or age limit yet!

05-03-03: "THE PIGPEN" Clinton, IA. Come on out to the best damn venue anywhere near here for local and big name bands. Tickets are $8.00 by contacting us and $10 at the door. There are some GREAT bands playing this wondeful Saturday night. Here's the lineup:
Nothing Counts 8:15-8:45
My Junior Year 9:00- 9:30
Slapstick Heros 9:45-10:15
Bull Goose Looney 10:30-11:10
The Gadjits 11:30-?

04-24-03: House party out past Key West. Usually a great place to have a lot of good and "safe fun". Be sure to bring your friends because all are welcome. No time or cover charge set yet, but we will let you know soon. No other bands playing, but the kegs will be a flowin'. COME SEE US AT OUR FIRST SHOW AS A BAND!!!

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