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We know its been a long time but we haven't been up to much. At this point Party-Boy and myself are on the lookout for a new bass player. Peet-o was forced to relocate about 3 hours away, so we are holding new bassist/backup vocalist auditions. Anyone who hasn't heard about this yet feel free to call (563)543-8379 and ask for Jon. Sound cool? I'll let everyone know when we get our man. Adios.

Well well well, looks like its time for some serious updates. So away we go: We have a show booked for March 5th at Easy Street in Dubuque, IA. This show is a battle of the bands so we could really use all the support we can get. The first place prize is 10hrs of free recording time - and we think you all know how much we need that. For christ's sake we are one of the better bands in this area and NO ONE knows about us, so we are gunna work on changing that a bit. We have some new tunes that we will be working on soon, and we have been playing acoustic sets at The Busted Lift every Wednesday night - so at least we have still been playing often, just not really posting it up here. So anyway, some changes are going to hopefully be made like a new website, more pictures, proper bios, and lots of other good stuff like that. So I will work hard and keep updating the site to let you all know whats going on, sound good? Right!

Happy New Year! Since we SUCK at keeping this updated - you may all now talk to us live with AOL Instant Messanger: SlapstickHero468. Enjoy.

I said GOD DAMN this band is fun!! We had a great show in East Dubuque @ The Arean a few days ago, and athough there was a small crowd (and some of us band members ended up puking our guts out by the end of the night) - we had a great responce from the owners (they have asked us to come back soon and open up for The Goodyear Pimps) Well what do ya know, a big name band! We have lots of goodies in the works right now so lots more news is to come soon. But hey - check out our shows page, its filling up!

Hey boys and girls, do you know what time it is? Actually its 12:30 right now - and here is your afternoon news: We had a GREAT show with a GREAT responce last friday at the University of Dubuque (surprising concidering we played in a "church type venue". The good news? We have the whole show digitally video taped and it came out great! So keep checking back because we will be posting it up here for all of you to download and give to yoru friends for free - cool huh? In other good news we found someone to design us a better website, so look out for a major make over sometime within the next couple of months. We have been contacting some people and people who know people to get an EP recorded by sometime early next year (depending on our cash flow). Anyway, thats all for now - we will be booking a whole lot of shows very soon so keep checking out the gig page and try to catch a show - Later!

Hey everyone, how ya been? We have been getting busy as you probably know by checking our shows page. We have been playing some great parties around town and getting some great responces from people. We will hopefully be in the studios sometime soon. Lots to do and no time to do it in as always. On a random note, LBC's new CD kinda sucks - hopefully those fools bounce back is the dark ages of music my friends. Anyway, not much to say - we've been practicing and planning. When there is more stuff and more time we will fill you in, but for now I HATE updating this STUPID ass site with all the dumb pop-ups, sorry everyone - we don't know what going on with all that - peace!

NOTICE!!! We will not be playing a show at The University of Dubuque on Friday the 26th - instead we will be playing with The Geisert 8 Band and Echo 3 the SAME NIGHT at The Julien Inn - Dubuque, IA. All ages and only $4 to get in! Doors open at 8:30 and we go on at 9:00 - so be there!!

Yes!! We are back in the game and at full throttle! We had a great practice last night and are getting ready for our show at the University of Dubuque on the 26th (we hope) of this month. We have been speaking with our engineer at Shire Studios and will hopefully start the EP after this next show is over and done with. Our tour is all mapped out and we will be booking some shows within the next couple of weeks - things are starting to roll here, so everyone keep your eyes and ears open as new events will soon be unfolding, peace.

Great news (for once)! We now have a new place to practice, so the show is back on the road! Although the band has been pretty dormant show/practice-wize for the last month or so - we have been doing a whole lot of planning. We decided that for our first tour we would rather just go on the road by ourselves than with another band. That way there is a WHOLE lot less to worry about (and we get to keep all the cash, hehheh). So - since our van probably would not make it accross the country - we have decided on a midwest tour (LBC anyone?). We already have the whole damn thing mapped out - all thats left at this point is to book the shows. So as soon as the dates are booked we will post them on this website. Oh right, almost forgot - we will have a new website soon! Why you ask? Because I just threw this stupid thing together the night we picked a name for our band - sure it does the job but c'mon, we all know there is much better sites out there. So keep your eyes open for some major changes. Well then, is that all the news for today you ask? No, no it is not. We will be hitting Shire Studios in Fennimore, WI next month to record our first E.P. You guys think you can swallow all that? Try being us! Ok, so thats all for now - we will keep everyone updated during these exciting times. "Peace Out".

Attention all Hero fans! We are having a real hard time finding a new practice hall - so if anyone out there has or knows of a good place to let us jam, even temporarily - shoot us an email at: - we will reward you with cool stuff and even cold hard cash! Other than that, not much is new. Although we have been playing open mic night on Wednesdays @ The Busted Lift (downtown DBQ) if anyone wants to hear us play some acoustic versions of our tunes - they rock! More updates comming soon....

Hey there Hero fans! Just thought you would all like an update on whats going on with a band. We have encountered a lot of problems lately and are finally getting the show on the road (no pun intended). Party Boy, Myself and Peet-o decided that since we have no place to practice anymore, we are just gong to rent a house together and practice every day. What does that mean? Yeah - we are gunna get reeeaalll good - we hope. As for the tour, we all sat down and had a meeting with our manager last night and gave him a list of things to do. Among those things were to start booking shows here in Dubuque like CRAZY to fund our tour in December. Thats right - we will be playing the HELL out of this town, so we hope you are all ready. We have also been talking to national band "Echo 3" about having them come with us on tour, and its looking like a very good possibility. So! As soon as there are some shows booked we will post them, so keep checking back because they will be popping up really soon!

Man oh man we had a ton of fun at the Mad Grad party with Peet-o's family! It was a mess of drunken relatives and obscene one liners left and right! We saw some cameras flashing during the set so hopefully we can update the pics page for everyone soon. At the hieght of the set, Peet-o's bass literally shot sparks out from the pegs! Crazy stuff huh?
But in other news, we have A LOT of things in the works right now. We are now under offical management and have started mapping out our winter tour to the west coast. What are we calling this tour you ask? What else - "CHADDORAMA". The tour dates will be from the middle of December to the middle of Januaray, and we plan on playing almost every night. Under our new mystery managment we will also have a nice new website opening up within the next few months, so watch out for that. Anyway, thats all for now. We will be sure to post all our news with the tour and EP as we get it!! Peace.

"Shows" page updated, check out the new gigs. Also please read below.....

This has been a sad week for the Heroes boys and girls. Jon and Peter's roomate Chaddo (Chad Sisbach) committed suicide on Tuesday July 15th 2003 in Epworth, Iowa. Chaddo was a brother to us and we will never forget him. Our condolences go out to all family and friends. A very special thanks goes out to the members of Lucky Boys Confusion who dedicated last nights set to Chadd - and were nice enough to hang out and party with us afterwards. However, because of these turn of events our EP will be put in a very temporary hold untill we have a song written for our fallen brother. If anyone has anything at all to say about Chad, please sign it on our guestbook. He filled our lives with so many wonderfull memories - so lets share them with the world. We miss you man, have one hell of a trip......

Hey everyone, happy 7/11. We have some great news! We will be recording a 5 or 6 song demo starting next month! We will probably be selling this demo for dirt cheap as well as giving them away at some shows n stuff. At this point we are thinking of recording the following songs:

Yesterday's News
The Mess
Avolon Rd.
Peet-o's Rap
A new unnamed tune
Stand By Me

We are planning on all six of these songs but will have a better idea after we spend some time in the studio. Untill then we won't be booking many shows as he had planned, but we will be trying to get a show at CDs 4 Change (on central) with one of our brother bands "Om". Be sure to check them out on the 19th of this month @ CDs 4 Change. In old news - the show at the Skyline was a total success! We had a great turnout of people we know as well as a handfull of random drunk hillbillies at the bar (we gave the drunkest chick a free T-shirt). So thats all for now Hero fans, we will keep you updated on the CD as we progress!

Whats up Hero fans! Sorry its been so long, but we have been busy. At this point we have been writing a lot of songs, as well as start to get our name out there through websites like and We have also been contacting venues again and your all in for a treat. On the 28th of this month we will be playing at Georgies Skyline in Dubuque, IA. We don't have any details about tickets and other bands yet - but should in a few days. We hope everyone comes out to the show because we have been working real hard for you guys! Stay tunned and more will come, peace.

More good news Heroes fans! We will be playing our next show at "The Pigpen" in Clinton, IA on May 3rd (thats next Saturday for you slow folks). There will be a few other bands playing and we will give you all the details as soon as we get them. If there are any of you that have NOT been to this venue before, it is one hell of a place. Great sound system, cool lights, and a sweet stage. Hope to see you all tomorrow night at the farm house as well!

Hey everyone - just letting you all know that the show for the 24th at the Farm House is ready are raring to go! We are really excited to play for a huge crowd for our first show. We will probbaly start playing at about 10:30 or 11:00pm, and our set will be about an hour or so long. We have a small handfull of originals all set as well as songs by Operation Ivy, RHCP, Green Day, Offspring and MxPx. At this point we are playing more as a cover band due to lack of time for preparing for this show, but we have a lot of original tune ideas in the making that are gunna be pretty sweet. So hopefully all of you can make it out there and have some fun with us! Oh yeah - as far as our guestbook goes, don't bother signing it unless you have any intelligence or maturity, and have something worthwhile to say. I think its great to hear all of your opinions on us, good or bad, but lets not turn the damn thing into a soap opera, cool? Later hero fans!

Good news! We have our first show lined up and ready to go! The date will be the 24th of this month, a Thursday at a farm house party. We will have more deatils comming within this week about directions, etc. So keeo checking back in with us for that. As for other things, we have been practicing really hard to learn some really cool covers as well as working on our small but ever growing list of brand new original tunes. We hope to put on a hell-of-a show for everyone this month. So untill next time, love peace an chicken poop.

Welcome! The official Slapstick Heroes website is now open and (mostly) up and running. Some of the pages may not work yet, but will be operational soon. At this point we are practicing as much as possible for our first show that is planned to be around the middle of April. We are looking forward to hearing people's opinions, this being our first show as a band. Right now we are woking on some covers by: System of a Down, Goldfinger, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Operation Ivy, Lucky Boys Confusion and Green Day. We are also getting right to the original songwriting and already have a couple down and some more in the making. So around the site, learn, and enjoy. Don't forget to drop us a line in the guestbook!

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