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NAME: Jonathan D. Eager
B-DAY: May 12, 1982
BIRTHPLACE: Madison, New Jersey
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Moon Blue DeArmond Les Paul Remake, Original Vintage gold tuck'n'roll Kustom Amp.
FAV. BANDS: Lucky Boys Confusion, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, System of a Down, Weezer, Bloodhound Gang, Smashing Pumkins, The Offspring, The Atari's, Sugar Cult, Sublime....and some more.
PAST PROJECTS: Stiffs, Unknown, Jerk Alert.
SCHOOL/JOB: University of Dubuque - CGIM Major, Pizza Boy.
HOBBIES: Writing music/playing guitar, skateboarding, falling down, living with Peet-o, and the fine tasting of foriegn beers and heard me.
FUTURE PLANS: Either play in a band or design CDs/Advertisments for bands.

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