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A mind with one hope, a better tommorrow

A little info on me


Location:Panama City

Hobbies/Jobs:U.S.Air Force, Rock Climbing, Hiking, Reading, Playing Rugby, and Producing small videos and audio clips

View on CURRENT Issues:I am still attempting to decide who i will vote for this year now that I am of the legal age to contribute to a society whose freedom I ensure on a daily basis.

Marital Status:Quite ditched and single

A Couple of Important People in my life:there is stef who is also pictured here who is my new lil sis(inside Joke) who I happened to accidently meet long before I met her. The Story goes liek this I was helping my high schools girls Basketball team and got sent into the office of a school we were playing to sharpen pencils, and who else walks buy and notices me in a cute stare... my eventually to be lil sis and good friend.

Also my real sister Beth who helps me all the time...I Love ya sis

And then there is crazy Rich, He is a People Person, who i have grown up with since about the fourth grade, this kid is nuts beyond repair, but he has been a good friend since I have known him.

All my friends still up in Philly, that includes Scary Bill, Hippie Ryan, Race Car Drivin Frank, DUUUUDDDDDEEE Shawn, The Brainiac Sean, Dan the MAN, All the Media Peeps, All those in CAP includin you Donny G.

A Little Word From Me: Whats up folks, I am back and in full swing with my life in the Air Force, I am about to move off base and get my own apartment. The path to this point has been rough on me as i know it has been on all of you, who I still miss and cherish my friendships with, but I refuse to give up and i will be back in Philly in a few years for a more permanent life style. I want you all to know that your taxes that you pay are not wasted on unnecessary items but it is ensuring your freedom by paying me, and return I make sure that When a plane goes up it is ready to do some damage to protect you all. I once heard someone say "I'm not doing this for the country or world, because that would be impossible to do, but I am doing this for my family..." and i want you all to know you are a part of my family. Feel free to email me at to catch up or I.M. me. You may also join my email group that is listed below.

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