Services we offer:

Hosting for Internet Sites, Web Page Design, and FREE web-cam design and hosting with free advertisement and site submission.

Hosting Plans:

We offer a broad range of hosting packages depending on your needs. Contact me and I will give you all of our hosting plans and prices.

Web Page Design:

We offer web page design for just about any site. Most sites average cost is $100.00. Contact me for more information.

Free Web-Cam Design and Hosting Package:
If you love to be on cam and get naked then this is the right package for you. We will create design, maintain and host your website. We will also give you the software required to run your cam on our servers. I know you want to know how we make money and what’s the catch. Well really there is none. We host a site for you that allows you to have a guest cam with a 60 second refresh rate, a gallery, a chat room, a place for you to auction items off, Then we have the members area which gives members everything listed above as well as a members cam refresh rate of 1-2 seconds and/or streaming depending on your Internet connection, a nude section of your gallery, and any video you might want to post. The cost per membership averages to be about 25.00 a month. We split that cost 50/50 with you. You keep 100% all donations, auction items. So if you are thinking about a cam site contact me for more information and the items I require to get started.

Click on the Picture now to see one of the sites I host now.