This weeks journal for 21-27 March 2003
21 March 2002 2:02pm
Well so far today has been a nice quite day. I got up really early this morning and I needed to accomplish some website designs that I need to finish. I also need to speak to my business partner at some point this week. He seems to be really stressed out about something and it seems like no matter what I say works. Well he left and went to the beach for the weekend so I hope he got rid of what ever frustration he might have had. I have another job interview in the morning with the state so hopefully that will end in good results. I need to find something other then the Internet for money. I am going crazy sitting in my room all day creating and maintaining sites. Well I did not jack off today so I guess now at this point I will just wait until I go to bed. My dad is going to stop by maybe today to fix the kitchen sink. I also need to go and look at more cams. Everyone wants to see into my life which is cool but it gets so expensive without the funds. Well I guess enough writing for today. Posted by Rick

22 March @ 2:03pm
Well here it is a Monday..blah I hate Mondays. Not to much to say I called the electric company back in Charleston to fight with them about the power bills and they told me they would call me back. Which, of course they still have not done. Did a new site today and I worked on submitting Paul Angels site to a few more search engines. Need to do payroll still for the sites I host. I sent out a letter to Paulís members asking them for the help of votes in the top 100 web cam list. I was really pissed off that he only got 23 votes last week. I know that I voted for him 7 of the 23. So itís a real piss off. Still if Zac would get off his lazy ass and add the button on to his site I would not have to do things this way. Talked to bobby briefly today about his site and the members area he is closing. All in all a good day with just work as normal going on. I have so much more still dodo with my site and sites I host. Looks like it might be a late night. Oh I should just go and jack off maybe I will feel better. Rick.

March 25th @ 9:16 am
Hey guys,

Sorry it has been a few days since my last post. I guess depression set in and I have been an emotional wreck the last few days. I finally talked to zac and I know feel like I have my business partner and my best friend back. He just has not really been on-line to talk the last few days. I know he is busy. I canít stop thinking about my mom and her last few days that she was with us before she died. I miss her so much. I went last night and had coffee at the coffee shop with my dad and my grandfather. I just feel like I am invading there time they have. I know they both donít feel that way but I have r4eally nothing to talk to them about. The video is almost done. Iíll be glad when it is. The orders are now coming in and that helps a lot. I am still on the search for some new people who want web cam sites. I have some people who seem interested. It is a lot of work they have to do. I think unless Paul gets his shit together I am going to have to drop his site. Today is going to be pretty much the same old thing, trying to keep up to date on everything and catch up on things I have not done for a few days. I also need to get Paulís site up to the top 10 on mylivewebcams I donít really know how I am going to do that yet. But that is one of the projects I have planned for today. Here is the link if you guys want to help me out and vote for him. Just right click on the link and open in a new window and then click on "register this site and enter this site. Then you can close the window. You donít have to sign up or anything. Thank you guys. Rick

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