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Welcome to the Visitor center for the guild "The Knights of the Realm" have a look around and hear the story of our guild.

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What we are about

The core of K*R (the knights of the realm) is built around Justice, Valor, Humility and Honor. We Protect those who are Incapable of doing so them selves and kill those who threaten that. That is what we are about.

The Founder's

In the beginning 2 knights left there ken of the Knights of the Virtues and set out to bring an end to the evils of Sosaria. Guildies the younger of the 2 knights strong but still to foolish to control army's lead the new guild. The Knights of the Realm was then founded in a small tower north of the town of Trinsic with Edgar as second in command.

Building an Army

The 2 new Lord's now with a home to guard and a guild to build imediatly selected 2 apprentice's to Squire the first one was a mage Chonat The other is not important in this story. Guildies took Chonat and began to train him. Our ranks grew steadily for 3 moon's but then disaster struck. A great battle claimed the lives of many of our soldier's. Our tower destroyed and no where to go...

From the ash's there is hope

The guilds second in command Edgar has fallen defending the tower. The new lord Chonat now informs Guildies of a plot of land he has being constructed for one moon and is nearly completed. Hope is ounce again restored the plans for moving are under way. The guild ounce again has a home


Who fills the space

With only 5 men left from the previous battle and the second in command slain. Who will take his place? Chonat the warlock and lord of the knights of the realm now the second in command and good friend of Guildies finds him self in a position to introduce a friend to Guildies. his name was hawk eye a quick minded ranger who has a desire to please. Guildies liked him from the start even claimed him as his squire. since both of them loved battle they spent most of there time training both of them learning new things equally as they went.

Chonat disappears

four moons after the destruction of the first tower the second in command chonat disappears in the wilderness never to be seen again by now hawk eye has grown to a strong knight and lord of his own land. But this time Guildies decides not to proclaim a second instead he brings together a council with him at the lead Guildies brother the Holy Knight Lans and a close friend from the old guild Ron Fellows joins both as council members and at last a castle to defend.

New Blood

With the council formed and to few to lead. I Sir Guildies King of the knights of the realm look for new blood to build an army will you Join us in our quest?

To join or just find out more contact SirGuildies at icq #84769182