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little blurbs from the chaos I call my life


"That's it! You will now be home-colleged!"  ~ Steve-O

 "Dude. Are you seducing my fish?"  ~  Me

"I can't afford any money!"  ~ Carlos

"No, Dan. We're gonna drink before we go ice skating."  ~ Steve-O

"I'm just out walking my fish."  ~ Graham

"I'm from da Bronx! I'm from da Bronx! Say it, bitch! I'm from da Bronx!"  ~ What Carlos should have said

"I don't wanna get hit like... more than none!"  ~ Steve-O

"You forkwacker!"  ~ Me

"You know what I realized, Dan? I am one sexy bitch."  ~ Steve-O

"I only said that to make the point that I am smarter than a dog."  ~ Rich

"Howdy, Pard-nerrs!"  ~ Rafal

"I am not a trained circus pony."  ~ Steve-O

"I don't wanna have to come out of the closet again."  ~ Rich

"You mean the transcendental community?"  ~ Bard