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Feed The Children

Thank you for visiting our organization at Angelfire. It wasn't until watching an infomercial that changed the way I thought of our world. I want to take my time now to share with you what means so much to me. “Lend a helping hand to a neighbor in need” I woke up yesterday afternoon around one. It was rather dreary out, so I shook my head and fell back asleep. I figured it was about nine or ten in the morning. Boy was I wrong! What was I going to do? I couldn't not break a promise, the promise I’d made to myself over and over again. I drug it out, and went into work. I was there for almost two hours, when I left to come home. I wasn't feeling well. After eating something and getting some fresh air, my color came back to me. I began to feel more energized. All this energy just from fresh air? When I got home, I watched a bit of television, then I went for a little walk. Waiting to go back out again. Upon my final return home, I watched more television. This time it was an infomercial. I hate those things, but something drew me to this one. It was the compassion and empathy I have for these children. It's sad knowing that we have kids that are born each day to parents who struggle hard to keep them healthy and alive. What if that were you and me? Would someone lend a helping hand? Would our babies, our children survive? They are our future. If we don’t set good moral examples for them, what kind of example will they set for their future generation? As I watched, an eight-hundred number came up on the screen. I called my grandmother in the room to watch with me. We sat there in silent as they showed kids from birth to adulthood. They were skin and bones, living in the only land they know. They need our help to survive. What if the shoe was on the other foot....what if that was you and me? Join me and help “Project FTC” (Feed The Children). Spread the word around, share our website (contact me for the website address, if you're interested) with those that you know. Remind them that Christ died for ALL of his children. We have got to reach out and help the world that has become so violent. I know in my heart that this project will be led through Christ. As time moves forward, new projects will eventually develop. Please join me to help the world, to save our future. May God bless you. Please Share the expierence here with those that you know. It's time to reach out and help a brother or a sister in need, and show them that you care. For more questions on how to help out in Project FTC, feel free to email me. I'd be delighted to help you help someone else.

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