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For the past 3 years I have gone on a trip with my church, Our Redeemer's United Methodist Church (ORUMC), during summer break. ASP is a mission trip where you go and help fix up homes of the families in poverty. You stay in a school during the week you are there. You share the center, as it is called, with 2 or 3 other churches from all over the United States, mainly the eastern states. I have put up pictures from the 3 years I have gone, to show you what it is like, and also to share with my Church.

*6/26-ASP 2003 Pictures are up.
*7/3-ASP 2003 Pictures are on multiple pages.

***If you have any pictures that you would like to see up on this website, give them to me in person if they are not on a computer, otherwise e-mail me the pictures.

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