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So, I went to Ebay and purchased 30 LED's for around 15$ Canadian. Very cheap for Ultra-bright LED's, especially blue ones.

I cut a piece of Schedule 5 poly tubing (mainly used for general water piping) in half. The first use I had for this was to be an air-ator for the tank (notice all the small holes). When that didn't work, I figured I could still use it for something.

Along comes my moonlighting idea. Rather than spend big bucks for something from the LFS, I figured, I can do this myself for way cheaper. And I did!!.

I had a 'walwart' hanging around that would work, one that delivers 12 Volts. I bought the parts to make a fading circuit I found on the net. From work( I work in electronics manufacturer) I got some small pieces of proto-board to mount the parts for the circuit.

Once done, I put the LED's into the cut tube, soldered tham and then wired them up. The following is all the results I have.

The black box in the photo is the control box to control the fading speed of the LED's, from slow to very fast, or constantly on.

All I do is put the tube in the area where my flourescents are. The effect is great! There was no way I could get the system on film working with the tank, that's why its on the couch! My digi-cam would not pick the light up, but believe me, it is fairly bright, and very neat to have!

Do not miss the .avi files of it below the picture!

here is a short avi file of the system working.

and yet another with the fading.