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scared and afraid

last night i did something that i regret
i wish it had of been different
that way i wouldnt be sitting here right now
worrying about what could be
how my life could be about to change
for better or for worse who knows
but it will change in a big way
if what im worrying about comes to be true

its funny how in the blink of an eye
things i know and believe can change
i did things i told myself i would never do
and now im fucking kicking myself over it
maybe its pointless to be worrying
theres nothing i can do to stop it from happening
thats even if it happens
its all in natures hands now i guess

no matter what happens ive learned something
im a fool and an idiot
il either be lucky or unlucky
but either way a fool and an idiot
i just needed to get this off my chest
i cant tell anyone about it really
im scared and afraid
i want it to be over

i thought i should add this at the end
who knows if you will ever get to read this
but if you do i want you to know i dont blame you
none of this is your fault
whatever happens il stick by you
il be there forever and always
like i said i would be
im always here for you

its not all about me
its not just my life thats gonna change
im not the only person who this is gonna affect
i realise it affects you as well
and beacause of that i apologise
im sorry for what i did
i wish i could go back and change it
but now i guess we live with the consequences