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Lord of the Rings: Third Age info

Ik weet niet of jullie al hebben gehoord van de nieuwe lord of the rings game van EA : Lord of the rings: the third age! Nou dat maakt ook niet uit veel is er nog niet over bekend maar na de E3 zullen we er zeker meer over horen.
Ik heb een interview met de producer van de game gevonden op internet, Steve Gray is zijn naam, en dit had hij te zeggen over de game:

"Gray said the has been thinking about building a Lord of the Rings-themed RPG for 10 years
The game will feature story elements and locations from all three movies, including Khazad Dum, Helm's Deep, Osgiliath and Minas Tirith
Players will fight against the Balrog in Khazad Dum and take part in the scene between Eowyn, Merry and the Witch King on the Pelennor Fields
Developer Electronic Arts is working closely with New Line Cinema on the game
The story remains fundamentally the same as the books and movies, but players can win individual battles as either good or evil characters
Players will begin the title with a single created character and acquire party members
Gamers will be able to configure their own characters, as well as enhance their skills and abilities, and equip items for the entire party
There will be both good and evil parties
There are no current plans to support online play
The game will feature voice work from the actors and motion-captured moves from the movie stunt doubles."

Bron: IGN

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