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Finding My Birthmom

Thanks for visiting my page. It is part of my quest in looking for my birthmother. The picture is of her holding my brother and I before I was adopted. I was adopted in 1986, and am now 19 years old. I was born in Brady Texas. My brother was born in San Marcos, he is 20. We have the same birthparents, and were adopted into the same family. If anyone knows a woman who had 2 children in these cities that were later adopted please contact me. If anyone has seen this lady please contact me. We were taken away from her by the state. If you have any information please contact me as I really would love to find out who she is. We were both born in Texas, however I heard she last lived in California -I dont know this for a fact though. She was married to our birthfather and I believe they divorced before we were adopted. We were adopted in Denton Texas through an agency in San Angelo. Please respond if you have any information to Thank you for your time, it is appreciated. Notice to all Texas birth-moms looking for your children. You can find what the name of your child is now by searching under the couty they were born in and the date they were born in Texas State Archives This link is for Mcculloch couty but the rootsweb wepage, I belive, has all the couties