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It started with a Crash. Two crashes, actually. The explosion from the Imperial Star Destroyer chasing the Federation refugee ship into the surface of Kinchum caused more damage than anyone realized.
Then came the Card. Several of them, actually. When the overdeity Troy gave life to the world, he didn’t understand the importance of rules. This is one of the dangers of letting a chaotic (and slightly insane) being create the universe. His lawful-evil brother didn’t help, either, and he snuck in quite a few things that Troy wouldn’t have approved of. Like the loophole that let enterprising munchkins level themselves with impunity using combinations of Hit the Deck feats and hoard cards. When a munchkin more devious than enterprising took the idea and ran with it far enough to discover that Munchkin decks come with blank cards, and that no rule forbade the use of them, reality began to unravel.
Now a shadowy group known as the Playtesters have used the Cards to ascend to god-hood. Only immortals will survive the coming cataclysm. Is your munchkin destined to be one of those, or will s/he perish in the overwhelming chaos of the Rewrite?
BenCon will host the last in the current campaign of Cheesy Munchkin Adventures. There will be a new campaign starting Tacticon ’06, and I’d love to see everyone there, but I’ll understand if this sort of thing pisses you off and you never want to speak to me again, let alone sit at one of my tables. It will feature several changes, like fractional base attack bonuses (an optional rule that should be standard), new characters starting at level 5 (allowing higher ECL races), and death at –Con instead of -10.

Until then, here’s what you need to know for BenCon’s module, End of Days:
• All characters begin the module at level 20. If you’re below that, bring yourself up, any way legal within the current rules. There’s enough high level magic bleeding in from the tears in the universe that everyone reaps the benefit.
• Most characters will end the module irretrievably dead. The rest will be immortal. One character at each table will become a deity in the new order. No, really.
• Hit the Deck and Improved Hit the Deck still work, with the exception that the blank cards that come with all Munchkin card game decks are not allowed (even if they’re no longer blank because you wrote neat stuff on them). Also, any card with the effect of “go up a level” will instantly teleport you 11 feet directly away from the predominant center of gravity (if you’re standing on the ground, that would be “up”). If there is no gravity when you draw the card, you will teleport without error 11 feet in the direction your head is pointing.
• Everyone is allowed to bring their net worth up to the level for a 20th level PC (760,000 gp). This includes any previously-owned equipment that you decide to keep and/or upgrade.
• PCs with item creation feats can be assumed to have spent 19,999 xp creating goodies for themselves over the course of their "career" up to 20th level. Remember you still have to have paid for the raw materials for whatever you make. You can NOT make items for other PCs in any way shape or form.
• There is no limit on the gp cost of any individual item you own.
• Epic enchantments are available at the appropriate costs.
• Epic feats are not allowed for PCs, because all of them have a prereq of 21st level and none of you can get there (in this campaign).
Again, I appreciate all the work everyone has put in making CMA the most fun campaign (for me anyway) of the past three years. I promise to do my best to make the next campaign even better.
-The Big Cheese
Troy Latta

The next module will be "End of Days" At BenCon XII in June.

House Rules

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