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AA Metals


By Alexis Archibald


Custom Work


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Welcome to the official site for AA Metals!

         This site will allow you to become familiar Alexis Archibald's work, primarily in the field of metal, but also in the many other mediums of art that she chooses to express herself with. Her work is truly reflective of her character and her personal life which makes every one of her works meaningful and inspirational.

         "Metals instantly grabbed my interest the very first time I experimented with the medium.   am fascinated with the technical processes involved in creating a piece of work. Along with the process, I like to include mechanical moving parts.  This interest allows the themes of the work to be implied more effectively. Most metal pieces revolve around a similar aesthetic. They are forms that possess both organic and mechanical qualities. This approach produces tension between two opposite entities created to co-exist as one. The relationship established between these two extremes is parallel to how I view, and exist in, our world today."

                                                         - Alexis R. Archibald


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