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A Tribute To My Beloved Brother

My brother passed away 3 days ago, and I haven't come to reality with until now. It's still like a dream.

It didn't seem real. Now I know that when someone passes away, there isn't any one word long enough or big enough to describe it. I could talk about it, and I could go on for pages, but even an entire book can't replace an entire life. I love you, Mekh, and will always think of you, for better or for worse. You are a great thing that happened and there are still lots of memories to visit.

It is still hard to understand. The whole concept takes getting used to, or getting familiar with. I'm glad to have known Mekh and I thank him for showing me the importance of family and the idea of family traditions.

I'll miss him, but for now, some memories are still so fresh that I can still relate to him and know exactly what he would say if I was talking to him. As more time passes, I wonder if this will change. For now, I'll acknowledge and appreciate this. I've been working on a song about him; it hasn't come out of me yet, but I know it will.

He has achieved quite alot for such a young age. At 19, he was the youngest dj to have ever won an international award. At 22, he had the best mixed cd in australia. But at last, at 26, his life was taken away just like that. It was only last week when we had one of the best talks brothers and sisters could have. I can still remember each and every word he said to me. How he laughed and started goofing around.

He left me and my younger sister behind. Urma, only 6 and still have not realised that her brother will be gone forever. He will never come home with treats for her or take her to have breakfast as maccos. Hopefully, when she gets older she will still remember her big brother Mekh. Ummi abbah are too distrught to say anything.

We will always remember his goofiness and all the lame jokes he used to crack up. We will miss his music. We will miss his enthusiast to be number one dj. We will miss him so much.

Please help to remember my brother. The whole family will miss you, Mekh. La inta kaiana hi. La inta kaiaza hi. I promise to build this page as they goes by and I have the strength to do so. Till then I really appreciate your support.

May Allah bless him.

We love you, Mekhael.


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