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Welcome to Meep Central

I love to meep! MEEP! MEEP!

Alright, here's a list of riders & dragons so far, the first name listed is the rider's, the second name listed is the dragon's.

Arenathai, Gold Aytenth (Sr.Queen)
Aerine, Gold Aredith (Jr.Queen)

Lyania, Silver Laytith
C'tun, Bronze Wrath
C'ris, Bronze Bruetith
R'kes, Bronze Merith

J'miah, Brown Kerith
K'reiz, Brown Brantith
N'tal, Brown Ganth

Angelica-Muhrie, Green Ferinth
Ma'son, Blue Gladyth
T'yeth Manoco, Blue Axith

A'rian, Black Sinoth(m)
Mirrga, Black Daruth(f)
Lakoda, Black Eowith(f)

Allessandra, Purple Drameth
Sehena, Purple Sharth

Dragons Impressionable by female characters: Gold, Silver, Green, Black, Purple

Dragons Impressionable by male characters: Bronze, Brown, Green, Blue, Black