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Today they call themselves liberals, feminists, gay rights activists, pro-choicers, new agers, etc., etc. They use many different names to confuse and deceive the public. But we prefer to call them what they have always been and will always be - COMMUNIST TRAITORS! Contrary to what the media tells you, Communism is alive and well and stronger than ever. These Red devils infest every social, political and religious institution in America. The time has come for the Christian Patriots of America to rise up and fight back. Join the Anti-Communist League of America today. We are an old fashioned, 100% American, Red Hunting organization. The time has come to return to the days of McCarthyism and liberate our nation from these Bolshevik agents of Satan. E-mail us with your name and postal address and we will send you free information about the League. We are building a network - A Loyal American Underground -across the country. We are militant McCarthyites and old fashioned, Cold War style RED HUNTERS. We are determined to smash Communism in all its forms. We are an action-oriented group of fighters and not a web site posing as an organization. Membership dues are only $5.00 a year. All members receive a subscription to our newsletter, the Duties of a Member document, pamphlets and leaflets and a membership card. E-mail us today and we will you send you your free packet of information. _______________________________________________________ JOE McCARTHY WAS RIGHT!

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