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Malaysia's Cekak Hanafi's Visions

1) To produce Silat Cekak Hanafi's members that are excellent in all fields whether in the aspects of knowledge, thinking and religion that can give positive contributions for the sake of religion, culture and nation based on faith to God.

2) To enhance the facilities and structures of Silat Cekak Hanafi movement in order to raise the status of Malay's traditional Silat.

3) To establish movement centres in all states to give effective services to members and society.

4)To be involved in cultural and social activities so that the existence of this movement can give benefit to the society.

5) To increase administration quality and modernise it to be more professional.

6) To foster Silat Cekak Hanafi moral values in all members so that it can be practiced in daily life.

7) To create esprit de corps among members in things related to economic and social activities based on benefits that will be gained by members and society.

8) To identify and use the knowledge in variety of fields already possessed by Cekak Hanafi members so that they can work together to form an effective and productive society that will raise Cekak Hanafi's status.

MCB's Cekak Hanafi Missions

1) To give more attention in promotions in order to expand the membership of Cekak Hanafi society to 30% of MARA College Banting students by 2005

2) To build a better fixed training base for Cekak Hanafi in MARA COllege Banting.

3) To organise a sports carnival for all Cekak Hanafi members in all universities in order to strengthen the relationship between Cekak Hanafi members.

4) To set up a strong team for Wajadiri tournament at national stage to raise the name of MCB's Cekak Hanafi society.

5) To make sure that all members of Cekak Hanafi society here can complete the syllabus before they go abroad so that members are equipped with self-defence knowledge.

6) To be involved in more activities with any Cekak Hanafi branches to enhance cooperations between members.

7) To give full commitments and cooperations to Cekak Hanafi headquarters in order to develop this Malay's heritage martial art to the peak of success.