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Md. Radzi Hj. Hanafi, the fourth son of the late Ustaz Hanafi Hj. Ahmad was born at Jalan Gunung, Alor Star, Kedah Darul Aman. He got his initial formal education at a primary and secondary schools in Alor Star and Kuala Lumpur. He started to learn Silat Cekak at the age of 18 years since that is the minimum age to learn this traditional martial art at that time. He learnt religious education from his own father. During the process of learning with his father, he gave full attention and commitment in training. He didn't ever feel inferior to be friends with silat members which are much older than him. This is then the initial point of En. Md Radzi's deep interests to devote his life towards the process of developing this martial art to the greatest peak.

After that, he got his Cekak Lower Certificate in 1980 and Cekak Higher Certificate in 1987. He also has deep interest in learning traditional medicine. He started to serve full time with silat in 1981 and became a supervisor in various classes in Selangor, Johor and Terengganu. These marvellous experiences gave him the oppotunity to learn the aspects of administration and management in a martial art organization.

On 19th May 1993, he received the mandate as Guru Utama for Silat Cekak. Under him, he revolutionised Silat Cekak and as a result, Seni Silat Cekak Ustaz Hanafi Society is established on 5th August 1994. With the establishment of the society, he and his administrations team are committed to put all efforts to bring Silat Cekak to the top without sacrificing the original values of Cekak as taught by Ustaz Hanafi. He has a very big responsibility to unite all Cekak members to develop the society. His strategy is to make Cekak Hanafi organisation as a systematic organisation with high visions beyond 2001. To achieve this, the attentions are given to three main elements i.e. cultures, human resource and finance as these are the basic of a strong and good organisation. One of his visions became a reality in 2001 when Silat Cekak Hanafi managed to engrave its name in Malaysia Books of Record for the largest participations in Silat performances all over Malaysia. May his efforts blessed by God and always succeed.