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1. I have a very tough physical appearance and I'm really sure that I can defend myself if anything happened. Then, why do I still need to learn martial arts especially Seni Silat Cekak Hanafi?

- To proudly say that you can defend yourself in every dangerous circumstances is quite ridiculous. We never know to what extent of danger we'll be facing in future. Self-defence art like Silat Cekak Hanafi will teach its members to use your mind in defending ourselves as fighting without skills and strategy are very dangerous even though you are strong physically.

2. I am very interested with Silat. But, I come from a very poor family. Actually, I cannot afford to buy uniforms for training. Is there still room for me to join this martial art?

-Yes, you are extremely invited to join Cekak Hanafi. In Cekak Hanafi, new members are not required to buy uniforms. They can wear track-bottom and T-shirt during training. Uniforms can only be worn after they completed all the stages in Silat Cekak Ustaz Hanafi.

3. How much fees do I need to pay for my whole time with Silat Cekak?

- Well, for higher education centre like MARA College Banting, the fees for the course is RM200. But,why must we begrudge the money if it is used for a good cause? Especially in Cekak Hanafi, we can guarantee you that the knowledge that you will gain is much more valuable than what you have to pay. Moreover, this is very cheap compared to other martial arts. For instance, to reach a certain level in some martial arts require you to have a test that cost RM100 and there are more and more level to reach. It's difficult and very annoying compared to Cekak Hanafi.

4. Every martial arts have their own main principle. So, what is the main principle for Silat Cekak Ustaz Hanafi?

- Yes, we also have our main principle which is 'Pakai tak pakai, tak pakai pakai'. This principle can only be explained when you join Cekak Hanafi. So, don't wait for too long before it's too late. Join us!

5. What are the top regulations in Cekak Hanafi?

-In Cekak Hanafi, there are five top regulations that must be obeyed by all members otherwise they can be expelled. The regulations are:

a) All members must always obey all God's instructions.

b)All members must always obey all of their parent's instructions as long as it didn't contradict with the religion.

c)All members must always obey and respect their teachers.

d)All members cannot fight among Cekak Hanafi members.

e) All members cannot insult any other Malay silat heritage in any way.

6. We only got two years here in MARA College Banting to learn this silat. I'm afraid I can't finish it within two years. How long does it take actually to learn Cekak Hanafi?

-Don't worry, actually you only need one and a half year to complete the syllabus in Cekak Hanafi. What you only need is full commitment, dilligence and hardwork. This year (2004), about 40 members of Cekak Hanafi here will graduate as they have completed the syllabus.

7. Are the coaches really that reliable to teach a lot of members in one time?

-Actually, in MARA Colege of Banting, we have about 7 coaches, 6 men and 1 woman to teach about more than 100 members. Most of them have experiences of more than 10 years with Cekak Hanafi. Despite busy with their work, they still have time to voluntarily teach Cekak Hanafi for the sake of spreading the knowledge here. Moreover, some of them work as engineers and businessman. One of them is still doing her Masters in one of the local university.

8. Yes, I'm very interested to join Silat Cekak Hanafi in MARA College Banting. So, how can I join this club?

-You can contact any of the members of Cekak Hanafi you know since we have decided that every member will promote the club. Your application will be processed as soon as possible and if accepted, we will also register you for your CAS credits. We extremely invite anyone with open arms to join us.