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The greatest platform for Cekak Hanafi to unite all its members and to show the nation how great Cekak Hanafi's development is through the Wajadiri tournament which is being held annually. Usually, one of the universities will get the honour to host this great event. In this tournament, many categories will be put into competitions such as knifes fight, five against one and other interesting categories. As for MCB's Cekak Hanafi, we have sent our first ever contingents consisting of 23 members to this prestigious tournament in 2003 held in Tenaga Nasional University. Although we failed to bring any medals as the competitions were quite tough, but the experiences and fighting spirit that we have shown is indeed invaluable. The unity and friendship spirit that obviously exposed after the tournament is much more meaningful than winning or losing. Nevertheless, as time passed by and as the strength of our team increased, we will compete again next year with a mission to be among the best in this prestigious tournament.



As one of the ways to increase the source of income for MCB's Cekak Hanafi, usually we will do business like selling foods and drinks during important days like registration day for new students and Graduation Day. Many parents and nearby people will be in the college during that time. As this business promised lots of profits, we take the opportunity to strengthen the finance of our club. By doing this, we are able to reduce the monthly fees collected from members and raise fund for major activities such as sports carnival. We also took the chance to do an exhibition on Cekak Hanafi since this activity can build up the relationship between MCB's Cekak Hanafi's members.The fatigue and the flowing sweat is really worth it!

Future MCB's Cekak Hanafi Activities

1) Organising a two-day sports carnival with participation of four Cekak Hanafi's branches from the local universities in 2004.

2) Dinner with all members and coaches of MCB's Cekak Hanafi.

3) Organising a two-day informative course for MCB's Cekak Hanafi's members where members will obtain a clear information on Cekak Hanafi.

4) Organising Majlis Petua in which the ceremony will allow graduated members to ask to Guru Utama on anything such as the skills, Cekak Hanafi history, etc.

5) Organising Martial Arts Week in MARA College Banting with the cooperation of Taekwondo and Silat Gayung in which among the activities are combo demonstration, exhibitions and sports carnival.