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For any martial art, the basic element that must exist is definitely training. That goes the same with us in Cekak Hanafi. In MARA College Banting, we hold the training sessions twice a week which is on Tuesday night and Wednesday evening. Our training base is in front of the new academic building in MCB. On Tuesday night usually the coaches will teach about one or two new skills to be learned. It is indeed quite difficult to master each skill and one need to be really enthusiasted and hardworking to capture the skill. On Wednesday evening, members will go for training session of the skills that has been learned night before under Cekak Hanafi's members who have graduated and served as assistant coaches. Two days are definitely not enough to master the skills that has been learned. Thus, it's quite a norm here in MCB to practice the skills in the hostel's field at a suitable place. Until now, training sessions are the symbol of unity of Silat Cekak here in Banting. It's wonderful to see more than 100 people training at the same time and the same place!


In Silat Cekak, a member must complete or undergo three graduation ceremony of grading before they can formally be considered finishing all the syllabuses. Before a member can start training, they must go for the first graduation ceremony. This ceremony actually gives the opportunity to new members to meet Guru Utama and talking with him. After the graduation ceremony, members can learn all the skills until they reach the level in which they can go for the second grade graduation and the things goes on. Until now, MCB's Cekak Hanafi has organized three first grade graduation ceremony and one second grade graduation ceremony. Now, we are looking forward to hold our first third frade graduation ceremony which will be hold in early January 2004 for about 40 members.


Promotions for any martial art is never worth it until it has been proved by watching it live. Based on this, MCB's Cekak Hanafi has organised three demonstrations to show the real capabilities of Cekak Hanafi. Each demonstration showed tremendous effect in which there were always drastic increase of membership applications after each demonstration. As the club is at a young age of two years and now slowly developing, we still do not have a strong team to perform demonstrations in front of our friends in MARA College of Banting. We have invited strong teams from the local universities to perform in what can be classified as first class demonstrations. I believe that with the increase of members here we can set up our own team to do our historical first demonstration in our homeland next year. Go MCB's Cekak Hanafi!