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About Bobby!!


Not too much to really say about me. I am a 20 year old currently in between living statuses. Trying to get a place with a friend of mine downtown soon as a job opens up to me that I am waiting on. I am working on growing back into the faith and walk that I had a while ago, but due to a lot of personal and emotional stress, I am still a good bit away from where I want to be with the Lord.

This whole idea we are working on seems so amazing and important to me. As we all sat there that night, i was so touched the entire evening and it just felt right for us to make a ministry and outreach to those not usually targeted. Right now, it is 4:23 on June 3, 2003. Sunday night, after a long day of frisbee and a nice nap, Rhett and I went to Vinnie's(a nice pizza joint downtown). When we finally got seated, we ended up seeing Jeff, and newly aquainted John there(friends from frisbee). As talking, Jeff mentioned how some people they knew from church were trying to make it a habit to start getting together and doing stuff. Instantly Rhett and I just looked at each other and smiled.

We know that people out there are looking for others to share the love of God in fellowship, and just looking for new Christian friends. These are the friends that will always be there, and will always brighten your day. I can understand why so many are looking for them. That meeting Sunday night, greater pushed the thought into my heart and mind about the creation of the whole program, or just 'gathering' we are trying our best to create.

So for all of you who read this, keep us in your prayers and keep in touch. Thanks.