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Right now everything we are working on is still just that. It is all under construction so to speak. However, we are still encouraging anyone who gets a chance to visit this site to offer input and ideas, and even constructive criticism is very much accepted. Within the next two weeks, we hope to be able to finalize all beginning plans to putting this into action. Until then, we are trying to get word out to as many people as possible. Right now we are sending it specifically to youth groups at churches, but we know that there will be many people missed. So we will need just a tad bit of help. Any friends you have that might be interested in gatherings for fellowship, praise, and ministry of our God, please let them know either about this site, or about the events themselves. Any ideas that you might have you can either post in the Guest Book, or in the feedback part. Thanks a lot to all of you. Be sure to keep us in your prayers as well as we try to get the ball rolling on this.