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History of the site

While sitting around one night with a couple of friends of mine, Rhett and Charlton, a discussion went into all sorts of biblical texts, interpretations and understandings. From there I'm not too sure how it got to the next part, but it's a good thing that it did. I'll start by talking about me.

For a while now, I've been thinking and thinking of ways and reasons to make a webpage, but nothing has been coming to head. At this church home group meeting, I met a guy looking for someone to juice up their website. I told him I'd look at it, and so I did. Basically what he wanted, was more traffic through the site. He mainly wanted a flashy site that attracts, hoping that it would attract people not only to the site, but to the church on Sundays. I looked at it, and thought about it, but couldn't really conclude any ideas. But anywho, back to this---

So we were sitting around, and they started discussing evangelical targets. They were talking about how little kids get targeted to make the right choices up into their teens. They mentioned older people have their lives to lead and just worry about keeping their life where it is, meaning, maintaining their "Christian walk," but the part that interested us the most, is the fact that there is no groups or anything that targets college students, or older teens, or just young adults in general. You have your weekly youth groups, or your campus BSU, but thats only once a week, and for an hour or so. We as a generation, need more time to fellowship amongst those of similar age and lifestyles and the such. Charlton was mentioning trying to get friends together, a small crowd, on a semi-regular basis, just basically whenever times would work instead of clash, and then maybe expanding it from there. Have time to praise and worship, chat, snack, and just be a group of young christians around each other fellowshipping in the Lord. So as i was sitting there it struck me...

Remember when i said i had been thinking of reasons to make a webpage? Well, THIS SEEMS PERFECT!! I can make a page, that can be a collaberation and a medium to maybe get ideas from others, as well as to keep people updated on the happenings that can go together with Charlton's idea for a group meeting or what-not. So my aim with this page, is to give an understanding of Charlton's group, the goals and purposes, and any information available about it, such as times, happenings, and just an all around inside view to give an idea of what you'll be missing out on by not going. So browse the site, give input, I always enjoy opinions(good or bad) and maybe we'll see you out there.