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For those interested..

As mentioned, to those who have read most of the rest of this site, we are really hoping this whole idea takes off quick and with such a magnitude that we won't be able to handle. Yes you heard me, I said I don't want us to be able to handle it. But..for a good reason I said this. I want to stress that this is definitely a bonding time for us to get closer to God, but also a chance to get closer with our Christian brothers and sisters. What I'm getting at, is we will need help. Nothing specific, nothing costly, just time. Time helping plan, coordinate, and orderate(made up word) things at the gatherings, as well as for something I am working on for a trip coming up this fall. So anyone who might be able to get together just a couple hours a week to discuss ideas, plan activities, or anything whatsoever, even just to hang out and 'chill,' just let us know. We usually meet up AT LEAST once a week, and hopefully as soon as things hit up some, more than that, but anyone who would ever have just a matter of minutes even, to drop a line about an idea, or just a thought, let us know. We need all the help and support and cooperation in this, so let us know if you wanna be of a little assistance, and also just keep us in your prayers. Thanks.

You can always reach me at Bobby's Email or call if you want (912)507-5108

Or with Rhett at HIS email..

Just get in touch with us if you have any questions or comments or interest. Thanks.