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A little info on the founders of the site

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We are on a mission. We feel that we have come to an understanding that we must reach hearts and lives and touch those around us with the love of our Father, God. Through this idea, we anticipate a showing of love, that will become contagious. If we are able to reach just a handful of people, then they will be able to reach a few people, and it just goes on and on. We as christians need a gathering to worship God and show our love for him. When we accomplish first getting to our christian brothers, we can begin reaching out to those not fortunate to have given their life to the Lord yet, and hopefully show them the way. Our mission as christians is to bring others to Christ. Hopefully in this, this will not only help us acheive this mission, but also help others acheive it, and just all in all, offer some other people the chance for an eternity of perfection with our loving Father above. So what we focus, and want people to understand, is that no matter what happens, no matter what doesn't happen, God will be watching over the crowds that show, and his blessing will reach down on them, and those around will be touched and lives will be saved for many will see the love He shows us and we are just helping magnify it for those who don't see it too clearly.