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BABCOCK, David, settled at Dorchester, Mass., 1640.

BABCOCK (Badcock), George (d. Sept. 2, 1695), settled at Boston, Mass.; perhaps the man brought over by Gov. Eaton to New Haven, 1638, on condition that he serve 6 years.

BABCOCK, James (b. 1580), of Essex, Eng.; settled at Dorchester, Mass.; Hinman says, went to Leyden, Holland, 1620, joined friends of Robinson, and came in the "Anne," 1623; settled at Plymouth, Mass.; Savage denies that a passenger of this name was on the ship, or that any such man lived in the colony for 40 years after its settlement; perhaps issue at least James.

BABCOCK (Badcock), James (prob. b. in Co. Essex Eng. 1612-d. Westerly RI, June 12, 1679), perhaps brother of Robert and George Badcock of Dorchester, Mass., abt.1650; came from Eng., between 1630 and 1640; settled at Portsmouth, RI by 1642; blacksmith; admitted inhabitant, Feb. 25, 1642; ordered by town, with Richard Morris, to repair all arms, Oct. 5, 1643; also 10 acres were ordered "laide out" to him; freeman, July 10, 1648; member of committee for "tryall of the general officers;" juryman, 1649, 53, 56, 57, 61; assessor, 1650; again ordered to repair all arms, May 23, 1650; on various committees 1656,7; member General Court for Portsmouth, 1657, 8, 9; appointed to settle disputed land boundaries, 1660, 1; removed to Westerly, RI, Mar., 1662.  (Savage says removed to Westerly from Newport, 1661); sold Portsmouth homestead 1665; baptised by Elder Hiscox of Seventh Day Baptist Church, May 2, 1678; m. 1st, Sarah --- (d. 1665, or later); m. 2d, 1669 (?) Elizabeth --- (she m. 2d., Sept. 22, 1679, William Johnson and settled at Stonington, Conn.); issue (1st marriage, all b. Portsmouth).

1-James (b. 1641-d. Westerly, now Woodville, RI  1698; Savage says 1685), settled at Westerly; blacksmith and farmer; manufactured iron from bog ore and black sand from the seashore; he and wife were members of Seventh Day Baptist Church, 1692.  ade freeman by Legislature, May 18, 1660; renewed oath of allegiance to colony, Sept. 17, 1679; dep. Gen. Assembly 1081,2,3,4,92; grand jury 1687; selectman, 1688,9; town councilman, 1693,6; m. Jane (d. 1719?), dau. of Nicholas Brown; 1 son, 5 daus. (James, Sr., on giving evidence with his two elder sons in 1670, calls them 29 and 26 years of age respectively; Savage says the eldest son, James, easily confused with bro., John, below).

2-John (b. 1644-d. Westerly, RI prob. May or June, 1685), farmer; tradition has it that he and Mary Lawton eloped from Newport, RI, in a boat and married themselves, "calling on the moon and stars to witness the solemn vow;" they settled on the east bank of Pawcatuck river, on Massatuxet Cove, 2 1/2 miles from Westerly and were not found for many months, however, authentic records seem clearly to disprove the tradition.  Received from Misquamicut purchase (a part of which is now Westerly), an equal apportionment with the rest of the company, although but 18 yrs. of age, 1662; freeman, 1669; was at Stonington, CT, 1670; tradition says that he volunteered with the CT militia for protection during King Philip's War, and CT records show that he was admitted freeman of CT, May 14, 1676; renewed oath of allegiance to RI, Sept. 17, 1679; m. Mary (d. Elizabeth (Hazard) Lawton of Portsmouth (she m. 2d, Apr. 21, 1698, Erasmus Babbitt, q.v.); 8 sons, 2 daus.

3-Job (b. 1646?-d. Westerly, 1718), settled at Westerly; blacksmith and miller; freeman, May 18, 1689; took oath of allegiance, May 17, 1671, and Sept. 17, 1679; constable, 1680 and 93.  Bought land of Sachem Ninecraft, May 24, 1708; he and wife members of Seventh Day Baptist Church of Newport and Westerly. 1678; Indian interpreter, 1680; m. Westerly, Jane (d. 1715?), dau. of Rev. John Crandall, a Seventh Day Baptist minister; 8 sons, 6 daus;

4-Mary (b.1648?-d. Westerly, 1747), m. William Champlin (b. RI, 1654-d. Dec. 1, 1715), son of Jeffrey Champlin of Westerly; William was freeman, 1681; juryman, 1684; one of two to present petition to Sir Edmund Andros for a town charter; capt., 1690; dep., 1690,1,6,8,9, 1700, 3,5,6,7,8,10,12; justice of the peace, 1709; 1 son, 2 daus.; issue (2d marriage, all b. Westerly.

5-Nathaniel (b.abt. 1666-d. Jan. 2, 1719, says Austin).

6-Joseph (b. 1670 d. North Stonington, CT, 1762), settled at Stonington; farmer, bap. and admitted to North Stonington Congregational Church, Mar. 19, 1741; m. 1st, Apr. 3, 1696, Dorothy Key (d. Dec. 14, 1727); m. 2d, Jan. 1, 1739, Mrs Hannah Coates of Stonington, Prob. widow of William Coates and if so (Wheeler says), her maiden name was Bill; issue (1st marriage): 1 dau; issue (3d m ariage):  2 sons, 2 daus.

7- Elizabeth; Wheeler's History of 1st Church of Stonington states: "Sept. 14, 1692, Elizabeth Babcock, daughter-in-law (step dau.) of William Johnson, baptized by Rev. James Noyes, Pastor of First Stonington Church;" m. May 8, 1706, Benjamin Sumner.

BABCOCK, Return (was living and named in deed of Dartmouth, Mass., Nov., 1694); settled at Dartmouth before 1686.

BABCOCK, Robert (will dated Nov. 11, 1694, proved Mar. 7, 1695), settled at Dorchester, Mass.:; proprietor before 1648; town officer and Capt. of militia; before 1648; removed to Milton, Mass.; m. Joanna ---; issue.:

1- Samuel (bap. Milton, July 7, 1650-d. Sept. Sept. 17, 1690), settled Milton, 2 sons, 3 daus.;

2. Jonathan (bap. Mar. 7, 1651);

3- James (bap. Mar. 12, 1654);

4-Abigail (bap. Apr. 27, 1656)

5- Nathaniel (b. Mar. 14, 1657/8).

6-Caleb (bap. Oct. 21, 1660).

7-Ebenezer (bap. July 5, 1663).

8-Hopestill (bap. Nov. 28, 166).

9- Hannah (bap. May 28, 1665).

10- Elizabeth (bap. July 14, 1667).

11.-Thankful (bap. June 24, 1869).