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Passenger and Immigration List Index:
1983 Supplement




Badcock/Babcock, David; Massachusetts, 1640
Babcock, George, Boston, MA, 1638
Babcock, George, MA, 1650
Babcock, James, CT, 1702
Babcock, James, MA, No Date
Babcock, James, RI, 1640
Babcock, Jonathan, CT, 1711
Babcock, Return, MA, 1686
Babcock, Robert, MA, 1648
Babcock, William, Beverly, MA, 1723
Babcock, William, Marlborough, MA, No Date
Babcock, Samuel, Nova Scotia, 1750
Babcock, Richard, Nova Scotia, 1749

Babcock, George - a servant of Gov. Theophilus Eaton of New Haven, CT. 1640 - removed to Dorchester MA, 1646.  1656 moved to Milton, MA.

Babcock, William, 20; on Ship Margaret, to St. Christopher, bound for 3 to 5 years.