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        The persons listed below share a common ancestor with members of the Babcock family.  In some cases, the distinguished person’s lineage can be traced to more than one of the immigrant ancestors, as indicated.


                        Ancestor(s)                     Distinguished Person                       Attainment

Robert Williams

Louisa M. Alcott

Little Women




Thomas Thayer

Joseph Clarke

Daniel H. Burnham





George Lawton


William E. Channing





  1.  George Denison

George Dewey (Admiral)

 Capture of Manila




Thomas Thayer

Robert Williams

Elbert H. Gary





Robert Williams

Joseph Clark

Mark Hopkins





Robert Williams

Elias Howe

Inventor (sewing machine)

U.S. Hall of Fame

Thomas Hazard


Oliver LaFarge

Writer Collector

of Indian Lore

George Denison

Robert Williams

Amy Lowell Poetess
Walter Palmer

Henry Miner

Ulysses S. Grant President of U.S.
James Avery

Robert Williams

Walter Palmer

Robert Park

Nelson Rockefeller Financier, Governor of New York, Vice President of the U.S.
Thomas Forster Eli Whitney Inventor (cotton gin)
James Badcock George H. Babcock

Stephen Moulton Babcock


Chemist (Babcock Milk Test)

Thomas Thayer Eli Thayer

John Milton Thayer

American abolitionist, inventor (hydraulic elevator)

Governor of Wyoming Territory (1975-1878)  Governor of Nebraska (1887-)

John Fuller

Thomas Holbrook

William Hayward

William Howard Taft Twenty-sixth President of the U.S.
Robert Williams William Williams Delegate to Continental Congress of the U.S.

Signer of the Declaration of Independence

Robert Williams Col. Ephraim Williams Founder of Williams College (Williamstown, MA)
Simon Fiske John Locke British Philosopher, voice of the Enlightment.  His Second Treatise on Government (1690) was blueprint for American Political System
Robert Allyn Capt. Francis Allyn Commander of a packet between New York and LeHave, which brought Lafayette to America (1824)
Edward Wilcox Stephen Wilcox Inventor and Philanthropist
John Warner Seth Warner Took part in the capture of Ticonderoga, and Crown Point (1775)
Robert Park Cyrus Hall McCormick


Farm machinery


Robert Park


Archibald MacLeish


Poet, dramatist, critic, Librarian, Library of Congress
Robert Park  

Humphrey Bogart


Motion-picture actor
Robert Park George H. Gallup The Gallup Poll
Robert Park Harvey S. Firestone, Jr. Founder of the Parke, Davis Co. (pharmaceuticals)
Robert Park Ethan Allen Col. of the "Green Mountain Boys"  Fought in the Revolution
Nathaniel Foote Henry Ward Beecher Preacher and Editor



From:  SATURDAY'S CHILDREN, A History of the Babcock Family in America and its Affiliations with THE BURDICKS, THE THAYERS, THE MASONS AND OTHER ALLIED FAMILIES by C. Merton Babcock, Copyright 1974. (Revised)