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Letter from George Washington to Henry Babcock, son of Doctor Joshua Babcock 





Headquarters Pasaick Falls, Nov. 7, 1780






          I have received your favour of the 24th of October and have to observe on the subject that the plan suggested for paying and supplying the army and prosecuting the War with vigour, would undoubtedly be eligible if practicable.  How far this is, or is not the case, I cannot take upon myself to determine.


          Should the scheme in contemplation be carried into execution, whether it would be most advantageous to have the Plate coined and thrown into circulation be made the basis of a Bank to support our credit might be made a question.  But that this and (if well disposed of) with other vigorous and decisive measures for drawing out the resources of the bounty, would have a powerful influence in retrieving our affairs, disconcerting those of the Enemy and inducing them to wish for a peace does not admit of a single doubt.


          The adoption of the Plan spoken of by you might give a credit to the public virtue of this Country at Foreign Courts that that would be attended with important advantages to us.


                                                          I am, George Washington




Henry Babcock, Esq.