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Web Page Review

What I Have Learned In Web Design Class This Semester Is:
  • Employee Skills
  • Internet Concepts
  • Flow Charts
  • Symmetry
  • HTML Codes
  • The kind of employee skills that are need is a fast typing speed I have increase my speed to over 80 words per minute. With 100% percent accuracy most of the time. Another trait you should have is communication skills. Examples would be talking on the phone, or giving presentations in front of a room of board members. A employee should always be enthusiastic, a energetic person when talking about a idea.
    There were so many concepts about the internet that I learned that were useful. For example, Gopher was a program made by some college students which would make time a little easier when searching for files. FTP; File Transfer Protocol is a format, where you can transfer, and download files through programs like CuteFTP, WINFTP, or one that comes with windows, MS-DOS.
    E-mail is like mail except electronic mail, many people around the world have thousands upon thousands of e-mail accounts, and most search engines sites such as:,,, give free e-mail accounts. Hyperlinks are underlined text highlighted usually in blued, or what ever codes the script was given.
    And when you click on the link you will be transferred to another page or download that the html text was addressed to.
    Flow Charts was a way for me to plan out my site. What you would do is make boxes, they would represent each html document page, and then you would label them and their passage way.
    Web pages required many good looks to get viewed. And that what symmetry did. I would lined up my pages. And text and also my pictures so everything would look neat and would be adjustable to your eyes.
    HTML codes, there are so many but the basic ones that have been used are:
    Anchor Tags:
    Purpose: to link you to other pages and other events.

    <a href=“”>John</a>
    Font Tags:
    Purpose: to modify the text appearance.

    <font face=“Arial” size=“-2” color=“royalblue”>

    When starting a HTML document you would always start it off like this:


    <title>John Doe </title>


    <body bgcolor=black font=red alink=blue vlink=orange link=babyblue>

    Most of the HTML coding is taken place in between the BODY tags



    Favorite Links:
  •, Gaming Site.
  •, National Basketball Association Site.
  •, Another Gaming Site.

  • F L O W C H A R T