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. : Career Fair "Do's and Don'ts" : .

5 Things to Take to a Career Fair
  1. Bring copies of your resume 25 to 40 of them, depending on the size if the event. Be sure it represents your knowledge, skils, amd abilites effectively. It needs to look professional, easy to read format on a plain white piece of paper, or cream colored paper. and be free of typos. If your looking at several different career options, you may want to bring 2 or more targeted resumes with different career objectives.
  2. A smile, a strong handshake, and a positive attitude. First impressions are important. Approach an employer, smile, and offer your hand when you introduce yourself.
  3. A 30 second "sales pitch." Hand the recruiter a copy of your resume and be perpared to expand on it quickly. Share basic information about yourself and your career interest.
  4. Information about your organizations which will be attending. Gather information as you would for a job interview. To maximize the brief time you have with each employer, you need to know how your skills and interest match their needs.
  5. Energy. Career fairs require you to be on your feet moving from table to table for an hour or so. Be at your best.
5 Things Not to Do at a Career Fair
  1. Don't cruise the booth with a group of friends. Interacting with the recruiters on your own. Make your own positive impression.
  2. Don't career any backpacks, purse, etc... Carry your resume in a professional portfolio or briefcase.
  3. Come dress professional not casual, but in a suit and tie with slacks.
  4. Get to know the company that your gonna get a overview of. Before you get to their table.
  5. Don't come late to the last half hor of the event.