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When you enter the Macalania Woods, you'll find a bird-man playing a harp (Macalania Woods - Central). Beside him is a butterfly. Touch the butterfly to begin this mini-game. Run back along the path you came from and you'll see many other butterflies. The objective of this game is to touch all seven blue butterflies within the given time limit. Doing so will get you a treasure in a chest. I think you have to open the chest to get the treasure before you leave the area, or it will disappear and you'll have to catch the butterflies again. There are also red butterflies along the way, which you should try your best to avoid touching, because touching one will initiate a battle against a tougher version of the local monsters. It will also cost you about one second, which is not as trivial as it seems; often you'll find that the one second may be the difference between success and failure in this game ^^; On the next screen (Macalania Woods - North), you'll find another butterfly, and you can touch it to play the game in the new area for a different treasure.

The bad news about this mini-game is that the help I can give you is quite limited. There is some sort of strategy for this; however it involves telling you to keep left here and keep right there etc, which is not really possible to explain without some pictures/screenshots to help illustrate what I mean. About the best I can do is tell you to try a few times first to note where the blue and red butterflies are, without worrying about the time; just try and remember where they are (for each time frame, the positions of all the red and blue butterflies are the same). Once you have done this, slowly try and find the fastest way to get the blue ones while avoiding the red ones. Quite a bit of patience is required, but you should be able to do it ... eventually ^^;

The difficulty of this mini-game as well as the prizes you can get from it differs depending on when you play it, as shown in the following table:

When played Number of red butterflies Time limit Central area treasure North area treasure
Start of game ~ before Spherimorph battle Few 40 seconds MP Sphere Ether
After Spherimorph battle ~ before getting airship Few 30 seconds Megalixir x 2 Elixir x 2
After getting airship ~ end of game Many 30 seconds Regardless of where you play the game first, you'll get a Teleport Sphere for clearing the first area, then the Saturn Sigil after clearing both areas.

I didn't find this particular sidequest that hard, but many people seemed to have much difficulty with this. I actually found the 0:0:0 race against the chocobo trainer (to get Tidus's Sun Sigil) more frustrating ^^; Anyway, good luck!

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