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In Spira, members of the Al Bhed tribe (to which Rikku belongs) usually speak a different language from the rest of its inhabitants. In fact, not many of the Al Bhed are able to speak the common language of Spira. Naturally, not many people know the language of the Al Bhed either. However, there are a total of 26 volumes of the Al Bhed language primers you can find in the game, which helps you translate the language of the Al Bhed so you can understand what they are saying. In addition, after collecting all 26 volumes, you can claim your reward of 99 Underdog's Secret from Rin (you'll find him in your airship), which can be used to add Double Overdrive to your weapons.

Volume ... Location
IOn the deck of the Al Bhed Salvage Ship, beside some boxes at the side of the ship. If you miss it the first time you can get it later at the Sanubia Desert, Oasis; you see it right after Tidus emerges from the water, near some rocks.
IIIn the Crusaders Lodge in Besaid Village, on the floor near the counter.
IIIIn the Power Room (quite a unique one ...) of the S.S. Liki, near the chocobo in the foreground. If you miss it the first time you can get it later at the Sanubia Desert, Oasis; it's under the tent besides where you find Wakka.
IVIn the Tavern at Kilika Port, on the counter near the man slumped against it.
VS.S. Winno, Bridge. It's on the floor behind the man steering. If you miss it the first time you can get it later at the Sanubia Desert, near the eastern area where you find Kimahri.
VILuca Stadium Basement B, on the floor on the left side of the screen.
VIILuca Theatre, Reception. It's near the 2 guys you buy movie and music spheres from, on the floor on the left side of screen.
VIIIGet from Rin in the Mi'ihen Highroad Travel Agency.
IXMi'ihen Highroad, Newroad, North. It's on the ground near something which looks like a stone pillar.
XOn the ground at one of the deadends of Mushroom Rock Road, Precipice. You'll just have to explore all the deadends, I'm afraid.
XIDjose Highroad, on the ground hidden behind a pillar. It's quite easy to miss, so look carefully!
XIIThe North Wharf of the Moonflow. It's the second screen you enter when you get off after your ride from the South Wharf.
XIIIOn the floor of one of the common houses in the left area of Guadosalam.
XIVThunder Plains, Travel Agency. You get it from Rin if you tell him your study of the Al Bhed language is going ok. If you miss it the first time you can get it later at the Sanubia Desert, East; it's at the dead end with a treasure chest and a ruin.
XVMacalania Woods, Lake Road.
XVILake Macalania, on the ground outside the Travel Agency.
XVIISanubia Desert, Central. It's lying in the shadow cast by one of the largest ruins.
XVIIISanubia Desert, Central. On the ground just before the northern exit from the area with a save point and a large signpost.
XIXThe Al Bhed Home, the outside area before you enter the building.
XXThe Al Bhed Home, Living Quarters. It's in the same room as some puzzles.
XXIThe Al Bhed Home, Main Corridor. It's lying on the floor at a dead end just before you turn right and enter a room.
XXIIBevelle Temple, Priests' Passage. It's at the bottom of some stairs after you ride a machine down a long spiral.
XXIIICalm Lands, Central, northwest section. It's close to the edge of some cliffs.
XXIVOutside the Remiem Temple, beyond the chocobo on the left (the one you can race against, not the one you ride).
XXVInside the Cave of the Stolen Fayth. Think it's at a dead end, not too hard to find.
XXVIOmega Ruins, lower level. It's in an area just before the place you fight Ultima Weapon (information on how to get to the Omega Ruins here).

A point to note is that you only have one chance to get volumes 19, 20, 21 and 22. Unlike volumes 1, 3, 5 and 14, there is no way to get them later, as far as I know. So try to make sure you don't miss them : )

You can combine the Al Bhed language primers you have from different game files. For example, if you have a saved game at the beginning before you first meet Rikku and her tribe, and you've collected all 26 volumes in your present game, you can use the Al Bhed Compilation Spheres (found scattered around Spira, there's one in the Airship, as well as the Travel Agencies) to transfer your Al Bhed language primers over to that game file so when you play it to where you meet the Al Bhed again, this time you'll know what they're saying. Problem is you'll have to replay a major portion of the game if you want to know everything said by them which you didn't understand the first time ^_^;

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