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  My family and education

My name is Iwan Laksana Arianto, i just call Iwan, am a first for third brothers, and am very appreciate to my family, especially my parents, they give me any opportunities  including to study in reputable degree and they give free choice for decision to ride a my life. in many occasion I am always pray to Allah SWT, for wealthy and healthily them.

About education, am very seriously to learning anything subject and my parents always support such material and immaterial, and am feel lucky for ride education, my education journey started to SD( elementary School) Rowosari I, Ulujami, its the one Favorites SD on my Kecamatan(district) and alhamadulillah i hold the Best Graduated , after that  am study at favorites junior high school ( SMP) SMPN I Comal, after that am study  at Senior High School ( SMU) SMUN I Comal on natural sciences department, and alhamdulillah am hold the best graduated in  my class. after many struggles, syukur alhamdullilah am hold degree for ones reputable university on social and political science Diponegoro University Semarang.

in my journey, am find education is more important for any people, but not all people give benefit for education, only they have a right destination and seriously to reach it, they can felt. i am feel that, while not optimal, i must say thanks to my teachers, my parents, and environment, they give me anything more about life. the benefit such  good knowledge, and how to attempt the threat of life.

    My interest

I like learning anything subject, now , i have intensive study for marketing, lifestyle, and English Subject and  Computer, besides  that am very like Soccer, in Seri A : Intermilan is my favorite Team, in première League , Arsenal Is my favorites and also i like AS Monaco, Real Madrid, Ajax and also PSIS at Liga Indonesia

Reading is my favorite Hobbies, I like reading anything more Book, magazine, and News Paper , and also  I like anything more about Motivation, Success of life and Tips and Trick to ride a lives languages and computer, its material I give from active hear, watch, read, and visit to Sciences Forum

  MY Dreams

I want to work  and study in International environments

and I believes its become to reality

To be continued........................................


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