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Prince Laharl




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Episode 2: Enter Flonne

Hello hello hello. Nice to see you.

  Narrator: Celestia- a world where beings known   as angels live...
  The Netherworld, Celestia, and the human world...   Legend has it that these worlds are connected.   This is one of such nexuses, between the   Netherworld and Celestia. However, it is sealed by   a gate constructed by angels of ancient times.

  Cute Angel: Did you send for me, Master   Lamington?
  Seraph: Yes, I did.
  Here, Flonne. Have a look. The flowers are in full   bloom.
  Flonne: How beautiful!
  Seraph: .....
  Flonne: *giggle* I love these flowers. They are   simple, yet so bright and lively. I want to be like   these flowers...
  Seraph: Flonne, listen carefully to what I have to   say.
  Flonne: Yes?
  Seraph: As Seraph, I have orders for you, Angel   Trainee Flonne. Go to the Netherworld and   assassinate King Krichevskoy.
  Flonne: Huh?

  Flonne: Well, I'm here; at the Overlord's castle.
  ...I still wonder why the Seraph picked me, though.   Master Vulcanus would have been a much better   choice... Not only that, but an assassination? What   is the Seraph thinking?

  Stern Angel: Master Lamington! Master   Lamington, are you here?!
  Seraph: Why all the ruckus, Vulcanus? You scared   the birds away.
  Vulcanus: Who cares about the birds... I have an   important question! Is it true that you sent Flonne   to assassinate King Krichevskoy?!
  Seraph: Yes, it is true.
  Vulcanus: Wha-wha-what?! What did you do that   for?! King Krichevskoy is the ruler of that   abominable, dirty, rotten Netherworld!!
  Seraph: .....
  Vulcanus: If you want him assassinated, it would   make more sense to send me! Instead, you picked   that Angel Trainee... You think too highly of her!
  I am very aggravated by this!


  Seraph: That is exactly why you are not fit for this   task. Besides, this is something only Flonne can   accomplish...

  Flonne: Whoosh!
  Nin nin nin!
  Phew... looks like I made it in without being seen.   What do they call these guys in the human world?   Oh, yes... 'Ninjas'... I always wanted to be one.   Maybe I have potential. Nin nin <3
  ...But still, is it all right for me to be doing this? The   angels all say that demons are evil, but are they   really? It doesn't seem fair to judge somebody   based on rumours alone. Even if it's the Seraph's   orders, I don't feel right assassinating somebody I   don't know.
  ...Does that mean it's all right to assassinate   somebody I DO know? That seems wrong, too.
  Can't kill strangers... Hmmmm, can't killl   acquaintances either... which means... ohhh...
  Laharl: Who are you, and why are you in my room   talking to yourself?
  Flonne: Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!

Hits Laharl

  Laharl: Owww...! What the heck did you do that   for?!
  Flonne: Oh, I'm sorry. You scared me, so I   accidentally...
  ...Huh? Is he a demon...?
  There are demons this young...? I didn't know that.
  Laharl: Hmph... So who are you?
  Flonne: Me?
  Nice to meet you. I'm an assassin.
  Whoops. I wasn't supposed to say that.
  Laharl: ...You're pretty dense, aren't you?
  Flonne: My! How rude, calling somebody you just   met dense!
  Laharl: I think an assassin that tries to kill   someone in his sleep is a lot ruder.
  Flonne: ...You're right. I apologize.
  ...Is she really an assassin?
  Flonne: It looks like I failed this time, so I guess I'll   be leaving now.
  I'll be back again. Please take care!

Runs away

  Laharl: H-Hey! Wait!!
  Someone! Get in here now!!
  Etna: Why are you yelling at this time of night?   Ohhhh, did you have a nightmare?
  Laharl: No, you fool! An assassin has infiltrated   the castle!
  Etna: Huh?
  Laharl: What happened to the Prinnies that were   supposed to be on patrol?!
  Etna: They've partied themselves to sleep.
  Laharl: Those idiots...!!
  I'm gonna smack 'em! Wake them up, now!! We've   got an assassin to track down!!

  Flonne: .....
  Laharl: There she is!
  Etna: What?! She's the assassin?
  I was expecting someone a little more.. menacing.   Oh, well.
  Laharl: Just shut up and capture her.
  Prinny: Aye aye, dood.
  Flonne: Prima Pretty Prippanica! Mighty warriors,   protect me!
  Zombie: Ooooooooooooohhh!!
  Etna: Angelic language?
  Prince, she must be from Celestia.
  Laharl: Makes no difference to me. Angel or god,   anyone who opposes me will suffer a terrifying   death.
  Hmhmhm...! Say your prayers!
  Flonne: Please don't push yourselves too hard.   You guys can run if it gets dangerous.

Runs away

  Laharl: Don't let her escape! We'll teach her a   lesson!

  Seraph: .....
  ???: Hmhmhm!
  Seraph: ...Oh, it is you. Please do not startle me   like that.
  So, how are things progressing?
  ???: Well I cannot say that things have gone perfectly, but   there is nothing to be concerned about.
  Seraph: I see... Forgive me for putting such a   heavy burden on you.
  ???: Please, it was my idea to begin with.
  By the way, how is the girl doing? Has she managed to   meet Laharl safely?
  Seraph: I would not use the word 'safely', but she   is managing in her own way.
  ???: You have a lot of faith in her.
  Seraph: Yes, just as you have faith in him.

  Flonne: How persistent... are all demons like this?
  I have no other choice. I'll have to use a sleep   spell. Nighty-night!
  Etna: Oh no you don't!
  Fryer Fire Frapparisque!
  Flames, burn that girl to the ground!
  Flonne: Berry Barrier Balidaire!
  Mirror, reflect the flames!

Flames hit Laharl

  Etna: Woah!
  Laharl: Ow!!
  Etna: Uh... Sorry, Prince.
  Laharl: Ugh...! My hair...!
  Now you've done it! I had my hair just how I   wanted it! This is unforgivable!
  Feel the wrath of Laharl!

Flonne runs away

  Laharl: You can't escape! I'm proud to say that I'm   the most persistent demon in all the Netherworld!
  Flonne: Is that so? Wow... that's really something.
  Laharl: Are you trying to make a fool of me?
  Etna: No, I think that's the way she is.
  Flonne: *giggle* Now it's my turn to show off a   little. But I'll have to use the item the Seraph gave   me, so I can only do it once.
  Are you ready? Here I go!
  Etna: Prince... I think we're playing by her rules.
  Flonne: Durian Dragon Dranyago!
  Dragon, come forth!
  Dragon: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!
  Etna: ...Prince, we have to fight THIS?
  Laharl: We don't have much choice, do we?

  Flonne: Wow! You defeated my dragon!
  Laharl: Hmhmhmh... You've caused a lot of trouble   for me. I don't know who hired you, but I'll make   you regret the day you tried to assassinate the   great Laharl!
  Flonne: Uh... Excuse me, but...
  Why would I want to assassinate you?
  Laharl: Huh?
  Flonne: I am Angel Trainee Flonne. I am here by   order of the Seraph to assassinate the Overlord,   King Krichevskoy.
  Laharl: You're here to kill my old man?
  Flonne: Your old man...?
  That means... you're the King's son?
  Etna: Doesn't anyone in Celestia read the   newspaper?
  Flonne: .....
  Laharl: You came all the way from Celestia for   nothing. My old man died two years ago.
  Flonne: *sniff*
  *sniff* ...I'm sorry...
  Laharl: H-Hey! Why are you crying?
  Flonne: Your father passed away, right...? You'll   never see him again. When I think about that, it   makes me sad...
  Laharl: Huh? Are you crazy!?
  You came here to assassinate him, right? Why   should you be sad?
  Flonne: Are you not sad?
  Laharl: Me? I don't have that emotion.
  Flonne: That's not true. When you lose something   or someone important to you, you cry, don't you?   Your heart aches, doesn't it?
  Laharl: Hmph... I don't understand a word you're   saying.
  Flonne: How come?
  Laharl: 'How come?' Because I'm a demon, of   course!
  Flonne: Demons don't know sadness?
  Laharl: E-Exactly! I've never experienced such an   emotion in my entire life!
  Flonne: If that's true, does that mean demons   don't know love, either? Sadness is only possible   because of love.
  Laharl: You're right. Demons have no love, either!
  Flonne: That's...
  That's just... too sad...
  She sounds just like my mother. How stupid! Love?   What good is it? What's the point in having it?
  Love is the reason Mother is dead!
  I don't believe... I'll never believe in love!!

  If demons really don't know love, then it's my duty   as a Celestian to explore the matter. I was ordered to   assassinate the Overlord, but this must be a sign   from the Heavens. It has to be!
  Whether demons are pure evil or not... If they really   don't feel love... I will bear witness to the truth!

  Laharl: What's love good for?! I don't need it...
  Demons like me don't need that kind of crap!
  Flonne: If that's true, then demons are a real   threat to Celestia.
  Since I can't complete my mission, I have decided   that my new goal is to learn the true nature of   demons. I must know for certain whether demons are capable of love. And if necessary... I will carry out my mission with a new target!
  Laharl: Hmhmhm...
  Haaahahahaha!! All right! Be my guest! I shall   burn a vision of true horror into that empty head   of yours!
  Etna: *sigh*
  Prince, what are you doing recruiting an assassin...   and an angel at that?
  ...But this might avert his attention from me.
  *giggle* Perfect timing <3

Episode Preview

  Etna: At long last, the nefarious angel Flonne   seems to have forsaken her evil ways!
  Flonne: N-Nefarious angel?!
  Etna: But, can an old dog learn new tricks?
  Flonne suddenly reverts to a killing machine,   slaughtering a crowd of innocent demons!
  Flonne: K-Killing machine?!
  Etna: Finally, she transforms into a space monster!   Could this be the end for the Netherworld?
  Flonne: S-Space monster?!
  Etna: All right, it's time for me to transform!
  Next On! Space Detective Etna.. Episode Three:   Etna vs. Space Monster Flonne!
  I'll protect the Netherworld at any cost!
  Flonne: I want to be a Space Detective too!
  Etna: Too bad.