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Prince Laharl




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Episode 1: The Prince of the Netherworld

The first episode of this magnificent game! Can you not feel the rush of amazement and expectation when you see the words diplayed on your screen?

  Narrator: King Krichevskoy, the mighty ruler of the   Netherworld. His long reign came to an end as the   news of his death spread throughout the dark   land. Ambitious demons rose one after the other to   seize the opportunity and thus began the age of   turbulence and anarchy. Two years later...

  Etna: Prince.
  Prince, wake up. This brat just won't wake up!
  Well, if that's the case... there's only one thing left   to do.
  Laharl: ...What fool dares awaken me, the great   Laharl?
  Etna: Prince!
  I'm glad you're still alive.
  Laharl: Who said I was dead? I was just taking a   nap. Anyways... why are all those weapons   behind you?
  Etna: Well, I was having a hard time waking you   up...
  Laharl: Are you sure you weren't trying to kill me   instead?
  Etna: No... ah... I mean, yes. I just wanted to   wake you up.
  Laharl: Hmph. Whatever... so what is it? You   better have a good reason for waking me up.
  Etna: Oh, yeah. Big news. Your father, King   Krichevskoy, has died.
  Laharl: He what...?! When?!
  Etna: Two years ago.
  Laharl: ...Wait a second.
  So... you're telling me that I've been sleeping for   over two years?
  Etna: Yup.
  Laharl: "Yup"?! Why didn't you wake me up   earlier?!
  Etna: Excuse me, but what do you think I've been   doing all this time? The Netherworld has gone to   hell while you were sleeping. It's not my fault if   some other demon steals the title of Overlord.
  Laharl: What...? Have they forgotten whose title   they are trying to steal? Hmhmhm...
  How bold of them! I shall show no mercy, for I am   Laharl, rightful heir to the throne!
  Etna: Your humble vassal, Etna, will accompany   you.

  Laharl: Now then, time for a little warm-up. I feel a   little rusty.
  Etna: Ah, Prince. We've got company... how   convenient.
  Laharl: Stray demons, huh...
  Etna: Allow me, Prince. You may be a little out of   practice after your long slumber. Don't worry, I   came prepared!
  Prinny squad!!


  Etna: Get your butts out here, NOW!

Prinnies appear

  Etna: So Prince, whaddya think of this Prinny   squad I hired? They're my loyal servants; they'll   do anything I say.

Prinnies look unprofessional

  Laharl: Are you sure about that?

Etna rounds up the Prinnies and beats them up. They stand to attention

  Etna: See, they're loyal.
  Laharl: ...Does it make sense to beat up your   allies before a battle?
  Anyways, I think we've made those demons wait   long enough already.
  Etna: Hey, you're right. How nice of them to be so   patient.
  Laharl: Yeah, that's considerate of them.
  To show my appreciation, I'll only beat them half to   death.
  Etna: Oh, you're so kind <3. If I were you, I'd beat   them all the way to death.
  Laharl: K-kind?!
  Stop that! That word gives me goosebumps!
  Dammit! I take it back! I'm gonna beat them all the   way to death!
   He's still a kid, so quick-tempered. It looks like   carrying out my plan will be a lot easier than I   thought. <3
  Laharl: Hm? You say something?
  Etna: Oh, nothing. Nothing at all. So, what are   your orders, Prince? You do remember how to   fight, right?

  Etna: Just in case you forgot, let me explain the   basics of battle. Move the cursor over the 'Base   Panel' and press X to select the character you wish   to dispatch. If you want to cancel an order to   dispatch a character, move the cursor over the   character and press O.
  For example, if you press O here...
  ...You cancel an action. Now, let's issue a command   to the dispatched character. First, move him/her   next to an enemy... And select 'Attack'. You have   now assigned an action. However, the character   won't attack immediately. If you want to execute   the attacks you've assigned, open the menu and   select either 'Execute' or 'End Turn'. In this case,   let's pick 'Execute'.
  See? The character attacked.
  Assign Actions -> Triangle -> Execute. Remember   this. You'll be using it a lot.
  If you assign actions to multiple characters, they   will be executed in the order that you assign them.   Be careful- you can't cancel actions once you've   chosen to execute them.
  After you're done issuing commands open the   menu and and end your turn. It will then be the   enemy's turn.
  Laharl: Owww... why do I have to be the one to   do this...? I'm the next Overlord, for crying out   loud!
  Etna: .....
  That was an example of something NOT to do. Only   an idiot would rush straight into the enemy alone.
  Laharl: You made me do it!!
  Etna: Characters killed in battle, like our Prince   here, can be revived by paying Hell (HL) to the   Castle's hospital. If all your dispatched characters   are defeated, the game will be over.
  Laharl: So the basic idea is to gang up on one   character and beat the living daylights out of him,   huh?
  Etna: Exactly, Prince. Remember to use your head   next time.
  Laharl: You're the one who told me to do it!!
  Etna: 'Team attacks' sometimes occur when allies   are positioned next to attacking characters. If   several enemies attack the same enemy in a row,   a 'combo' will result, and greater damage will be   dealt.
  If you want to know more, press Triangle and   select 'Help' from the menu.

  Laharl: More stray demons... How annoying. I wish   I could just toss 'em.
  Etna: Well, why don't you?
  Laharl: You can?!
  Etna: For our ignorant Prince, let me explain the   commands 'Lift' and 'Throw'.
  For situations like this, when you're too far for your   attacks to reach...
  ...Pick up a character by selecting 'Lift'...
  Laharl: H-hey! Stop it, Etna!!
  Etna: Then select 'Throw'. You'll have to decide on   a direction and distance, too.
  I'll throw you next to an enemy.
  Laharl: Oomph!
  Etna: See? That covered a lot of ground. Now   you're able to attack. You can use 'Lift' and 'Throw'   on both allies and enemies. Keep in mind that only   humanoid characters can use 'Lift' and   'Throw' (monsters can't do it).
  By making good use of these commands, you can   extend your attack range. This is very helpful in   moving around on some maps, so don't forget it.
  There are other uses for the commands besides   covering ground, like... holding an enemy so   he/she can't move, saving injured allies from   danger etc.
  By the way, Prinnies will explode when they're   thrown, so handle them with care.
  Prinny Squad: Dood? You gotta be kidding!
  Etna: And if you throw an enemy at an enemy...
  There may be other fun uses waiting to be   discovered. Try experimenting.
  Laharl: That's it! I'm gonna throw you next time!
  Etna: Oh yes, one more thing. A character will take   damage if the turn ends and he/she is still holding   someone.

  Laharl: 'Geo Panels'... Interesting. These are   geographical features that are attuned to the   elements of the Universe. Crystallization of those   elements results in 'Geo Symbols' like the one right   there.
  Etna: ...Well, that doesn't explain anything, so let   me clarify a few things. Let me explain 'Geo   Effects', a system which will heavily influence   battle.
  Take a good look at the coloured panels on the   area map. Notice that 'Enemy Boost+50%' is   displayed at the top of the screen. This means that   when an enemy is on a blue panel, his/her ATK and   DEF will be powered up by 50%.
  This is not good for you, so it's wise to get rid of   this effect.
  You might be wondering, 'Where does it come from   in the first place?' Why lookie here! I found an   object labelled 'Enemy Boost' on this blue panel!   This guy's the culprit! Laharl- how obvious was   that?
  This object is called a 'Geo Symbol' and as long as   it's on a coloured panel, all the panels of the same   colour will be affected. Let's toss it somewhere.
  The effect 'Enemy Boost' is no longer on any of the   blue panels. But...
  The Geo Symbol is now affecting the red panels.   That doesn't change much.
  Hmmmmm. Let's just destroy it then.
  ...Oh, before we do that. Do you see 'To [blue   square]' displayed in the Geo Symbol's status   window? Remember that.
  Now it's time to attack. Go ahead, Prince.
  Huh? The red panels are now blue. Remember the   'To [blue square]' in the status window? This is   what it was referring to. Destroying a blue Geo   Symbol will turn all panels which are the same   colour as it was on blue. Damage will be dealt to   anyone standing on one of those panels at the   time, so be sure to take that into consideration.   No damage will be dealt if you destroy a blue Geo   Symbol on a blue panel (no panels will change   colour, either). You can build up your Bonus Gage   by changing the colour of Geo Panels. If you are   able to use what you've learned to destroy all Geo   Panels, then you will receive a Panel Termination   Bonus.
  All of this relates to a term I used before, 'Geo   Effects'.
  Laharl: That's pretty complicated.
  Etna: You're right, it is. It might be a good idea to   start off by destroying only the harmful Geo   Symbols. Nullifying all the panels is for experts   who understand the concept of Geo Effect   completely, and you're not one of them.
  Laharl: What'd you say?!
  Etna: Not all Geo Symbols have negative effects.   When you get the chance, you should try and take   advantage of the useful ones.
  Lastly, press the SELECT button to turn the Geo   Panel display ON/OFF.

  Hm... I'm starting to get the hang of things again...
  Etna: Okay then, are you ready to request some   allies at the Dark Assembly? There you get to   create allies who will become your loyal pupils.
  Laharl: Loyal pupils...
  That doesn't sound like a bad idea. All right, let's   go!

  Etna: Wow, this is a pretty nice place! Ah! That   vase would sell for a lot.
  Laharl: Fool! That makes us petty thieves. I can't   disgrace the name of Overlord. I have to be   impartial, and...
  Etna: Impartial and... what?
  Laharl: ...Plunder everything!
  Etna: Ohh! That's our Prince! You're so ruthless.
  Prinny Squad: Hey there, you atrocious fiend!
  Etna: You cold-blooded monster!
  Prinny Squad: A demon among demons!
  Laharl: Hmph... quit complimenting me so much!   It's embarrassing.
  Now listen up! I want you to pillage and plunder   anything and everything in this castle!!
  Prinny Squad: Aye aye, dood!
  Laharl: Haaahahahaha!!

  Laharl: Hm? Is this the last room?
  ???: Haaahahahaha!!
  Laharl: Who's there?!
  ???: How rude, invading a man's house and asking him   'Who's there?'. But I give you credit for your bravery.
  Sassy Demon: Voila!
  Forgive moi, I must leave you in awe. My name is   Vyers. I am the lord of this castle.
  Etna: Vyers? Isn't he the demon that's been   knocking off competition for the throne...?
  Vyers: Oui. That is correct, mademoiselle. I am an   aristocrat with both strength and beauty... they   call moi the 'Dark Adonis'.
  Young man, I assume you are the son of the late   King Krichevskoy, are you not?
  Laharl: That's right. I'm Laharl, the heir to the   throne.
  Vyers: The heir to the throne? Hah! That is history,   my dear boy. Your existence has long been   forgotten. Are you blind to the hordes of demons   lining up to fight for the throne?
  Laharl: So? I'm the heir. That's all that matters. If   they've forgotten, then I'll just have to make them   remember.
  Vyers: I see. So you saw my potential and decided   to strike first against moi... Such wonderful   intuition. Well played, son of Krichevskoy.
  Laharl: I've never even heard of you. It's only a   coincidence that we're here. You're just a tiny   stepping stone on my path to the throne.
  Vyers: *gasp* How dare you! I'm the Dark Adonis   Vy-
  Laharl: Who gives a damn about you? Your new   name is 'Mid-Boss'.
  Mid-Boss: Mi-Mi-Mid-Boss?!
  Etna: Looks like you hurt his pride, Prince.
  Mid-Boss: ...Unforgivable...
  That is unforgivable!!


  Mid-Boss: Heh... I have underestimated your skill.   I took you for but a child. But that was an error in   judgement. I am too kind-hearted.
  Laharl: Liar. You were serious just now.
  Etna: How pathetic. Nothing's worse than a sore   loser.
  Mid-Boss: Ugh...! What repulsive little brats you   are! I shall come to return the favour, so do not   forget moi!!

Runs away

  Laharl: All right, let's collect the spoils and head   home.
  Etna: Uh... Prince, I need to use the restroom.
  Prinny Squad: Master Etna ran away.
  Which means... dood, we're gonna have to carry all   this?
  We're Master Etna's vassals, not the Prince's...
  Laharl: Etna's vassals are my vassals. And my   vassals do what I say.
  Now, get to work.
  Prinny Squad: Doooood...
  Big Sis Prinny: Now, now. It's only until the next   red moon, right?
  Big Sis Prinny: I guess you're right, dood. I'll get   to work.

  Etna: No, he doesn't suspect a thing.
  ???: I see... But still, how did he survive after drinking that   potion...? If he fully recovers , this will become a difficult   task...
  Etna: Don't worry. If you leave it to me, the throne will be yours.
  ???: Are you sure you can deliver on that promise?
  Etna: ...Yes. Remember, in exchange...
  ???: I know. When I reign supreme as the Overlord, I shall   return it to you.

  Episode Preview

  Etna: Finally the time has come for Prince Laharl to   pay for all his evil deeds!
  Laharl: Hey...
  Etna: Now Etna will fulfill the late Prince's wish and   succeed him to the throne.
  Laharl: I'm not dead.
  Etna: So long, Prince! Your humble vassal Etna will   put your money and power to good use!
  Laharl: You're one scary girl.
  Etna: Next On! Hyper Dimensional Gal Etna..   Episode Two: The Birth of Queen Etna!
  A new era of the Netherworld begins!
  Laharl: You're delusional.