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On my second and final page, I would like to talk about parts of the Kremlin and after, I'm going to basically wrap things up with my conclusions on this site, involving the Kremlin.

Now the towers of the Kremlin are definitely something to gaze at! Their unique shape and structure just bring ideas to mind. Well, beginning with their shape, I would like to mention that it is cylindrical, but that is just too obvious. The architects built the towers with shapes that are equivalent to isosceles triangles. Especially the tops of the towers show these characteristics.

In all, there are eighteen towers, each one with their specific construction techniques. And, some even say their actual height. Just remember that almost every single tower was used with white stones. And, the most interesting tower is the Spasskaya (Saviour's) Tower because of its uniqueness. Its extreme height is fascinating , as well. But, at the time of the building of the Kremlin, not many machines were used to build it. So, that's most probably the best part, is that it was a more of a hand-on approach. That is what I'd consider to be a construction technique of the Kremlin. But, there were still things that helped the people create such a masterpiece. A very surprising fact was that parts of the towers were built underground. So, a lot of things were used differently for the Kremlin.

Now, I'm positive that after viewing my site, you still don't quite have a clear idea on what the Kremlin is. After all, my site is only two pages, which isn't even close to half of my research project. But I hope it was still enjoyable. Thank You!

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