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Welcome To Asmate Dialers

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Welcome if any of the given links doesn't work then click the link below to enter the multiply links for each dialer.

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  Choose the Dialer that you want to download from

  the list in the left. It will give you two options.        

1.Open this program from it's current location.        

2.Save this program to disk.                                     

  Choose the second option to download the dialer

  successfully. If any of the given links did not        

work then click on the Multiple links above for   

More links Enjoy your stay Asmate Z Kohisatani

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 Call Karo
 Hear Link
 Talk 2 Urs
 Dot Dialer
 Net 2 Phone
 Net Elephone
 Net Telephone
 Yahoo 2Phone

 Speak 2 Phone

 iConnectHere 3.1.0
 iConnectHere 3.3.0
 iConnectHere 4.0.0
 iConnectHere 5.1.0
 iConnectHere 5.2.3
 Modem Manager

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