Power To The KOR!
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We are the Knights of Reality, the best Runescape clan (in my opinion) ever. We are anti-hacker, anti-scammer and anti-beggar, basically we just want Runescape to be a fun place for everyone, away from the annoyance of these less honest individuals. We are also pacifist and refuse to go to war with other clans in spite of our differences. We fight with honour and truth.

Our leader is MightyAnkh, whom we follow loyally. He has had experience as a clan leader and knows what is best. We are a group of good friends and help each other out whenever possible .We have over 50 members at the minute and we are currently recruiting, so expect that number to rise.

Now down to business. We need YOU to join the Knights of Reality and help us in our fight for honour. There are several ways in which you can ask to join. The best is probably to go to our message board (link at bottom of page) or Email Mightyankh (again, link at bottom). We are always happy to see new members within our ranks, so come on over. You could also contact me on Runescape, my RS name is Rankin2003.

Knights Of Reality Message Board

Knights Of Reality Home Page, you can contact MightyAnkh from here.