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Ishtari's Bio

Name: Ishtari

Race: Ashezi

Sex: Male

Age: 553

Height: 4’6”

Weight: 110

Ishtari, being of a different race, looks much different than any normal human, or any other creature or race for that matter. First he is small, the size of a child of 10 or 11, although strangely he looks like an old man. His skin has a brownish texture to it and wrinkles wither his body, or at least seem to. The reason for this is genetic, his race’s skin withers at an early age, but their body does not in the least. To sum it up it’s a shell that tricks opponents into thinking they are weak and frail. It is unknown how they have developed this trait. His large, emerald green eyes seem to take up most of his face, and despite looking cartoonish they seem to be deep and contemplating. Also surprisingly he is as strong as 5 men, having trained his body throughout the time he has lived. Altogether he looks like a loosely made puppet, but what his opponents don’t know is that he is actually the master of puppets.

Ishtari is always calm, cool, and collective. He does not dwell on subjects unless they deserve to be dwelled on, rarely ever angers except in a broken point of honor, his mind for the most part unclouded by worldly things. He acts as if he has figured out the meaning of life and it’s really no big deal, which could possibly be the case. His heart is pure and good, always taking the side of justice, proving that no matter how enlightened you become serving for the side of good or evil is important. In normal situations his large eyes seem to glow with sadness, the sadness of one who has seen all the wonders of this earth and now just wishes to be rid of it. This is just a mask though, in actuality he loves life, and it can be seen by the thrill in his eyes when he is in a battle.

Ishtari’s powers set him apart from all others. He is a puppeteer or a psychic as some may call him, but he does not read minds or use telekinesis. All he does is control his marionettes, which may be an enemy, or even just a piece of wood. To him it does not matter if it is a living being or an inanimate object, he can take control of anything, and give it abilities. For example if he decides that a log should walk then it will, even if it must sprout legs. That moves on to ability. He can change his puppets to fit his needs, for example he can change a doll into a demon that will mindlessly follow his every whim. He can channel his energy through the puppets, which is useful for a surround attack of devastating quality.

He can form unbreakable strings with spirit energy which are invisible to the eye, but can be sensed by those who can feel energy. These are most used for making his puppets move, but the can also be used for attacks. They burn the skin of his foes when they touch it, and have the power to slice through most substances. His strings can also wind up into devastating weapons, his strings being more powerful than steel.

His main weapon is his marionette handle with which he holds the souls of those he has defeated. This can make potent strings, made more and more powerful with every soul it holds. Also he can summon forth the ghost of an enemy to do his bidding, but it only has a little bit of energy, so it cannot do much. The good thing is it can use any ability of its former owner. This comes in handy if ones he has defeated have had powerful abilities. Unfortunately they do not have the weapons of their former self, so if they have abilities that rely on weapons then they are useless.

His only other weapon is a doll of a demon that he carries with him. He can transform this doll into a large, hulking, powerful demon which will help him during a fight. This demon has gigantic claws, sharper than any sword, deadly fangs, and huge muscles. It has animal-like speed and killer instincts, plus it only listens to Ishtari.

In a small village, in a large unexplored forest in Africa lay a small tribe of a race alien to the people of earth. They had never been seen or heard of, being a very private race who was content just as they were. Much to their dismay a boy was born that would think differently, a boy that was not just content with sitting around waiting for something to happen.

“Father, I would like to see the outside world,” said a small boy to a short and ancient looking man, who looked as if he were the kid’s great grandfather.

“What!?” His father exclaimed, nearly falling out of his chair. “Ishtari... that’s... that’s UNTHINKABLE!”

“Why?” The boy asked calmly, his young eyes staring into his father, his eyes filled with wisdom.

His father was stumped. You would think with the ability to live for hundreds of years that they would be able to find the answers to simple questions like this, but there was no answer he could think of. Finally he said stubbornly, “Because I said so.” The universal fall back of any parent and then he said the other one. “Maybe when you are older.”

The boy then trudged off grumbling, but he never forgot his dream to see outside.

For the next few centuries he trained his body and mind, becoming the strongest in the village. Soon he became so strong that he could defeat any that faced him. With his amazing mind he developed several abilities and made his magical marionette with his puppeteer craftsmanship. Finally he became so strong that not even the entire village put together could defeat him, but he still thought himself weak, not knowing the strength of those on the outside.

One day, a little bit past Ishtari’s 553 birthday, an enemy came into the village. He traveled in the shadows, and looted the village. Ishtari, meditating outside, caught glimpse of him and quickly went after him.

The thief panicked and bolted away, and immediately Ishtari knew that this man was of ill intentions. The thief was surprised by his enemies speed, and in little more than a minute her was cornered by this seemingly frail looking man. Although his first though was, ‘Why am I running from such a decrepit old man?’ It quickly changed as he realized this man was more than he seemed. He knew he would have to fight his way through this.

Ishtari walked away from his village, now knowing that he was indeed strong. He now held a marionette with a stolen soul in it, and a dead villain left behind. His adventure had now begun.

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