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The Persecution of Dr John Orpin

Dr. John Orpin's ordeal lingers as a cautionary tale 
of what can happen to doctors who treat depression aggressively.


Dr John Orpin's licence to practice Medicine was removed in 1989 by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) ostensibly because he had a relationship with a former female patient, who was in fact also a graduate counselling student at his clinic learning group therapy techniques.  The real reason was that they wanted to remove him because he was a Holistic Alternative Family Medicine practitioner and was the director of one of Canada's first Holistic Health and Pain clinics, the Glebe Wellness Centre in Ottawa, the nation's capital. In addition to using Abreaction, Dianetics, Radionics, Acupuncture, Reiki, Magnetic Fields,  Psycholytic drugs such as Nitrous Oxide and Ketamine and other heretical methods, he carried out heroic, radical and experimental Primal Therapy and Psychodrama  techniques for suicidal, borderline and schizophrenic patients; techniques which which have been described fully in the medical literature and which were distasteful to the medical establishment.  Apparently he should have referred them to experts for hospitalisation and Electric Convulsive Treatment or prescribed powerful anti-psychotic drugs.

John subsequently suffered 15 years of persecution, false arrests, a trial that was later declared by the Ontario Court of Appeal to have been blatently unjust and judicially corrupt.  He was never found guilty of any crime. Former borderline patients from the 1970's and 1980's were interviewed in the 1990's by the CPSO interrogators who implanted false impressions into their vulnerable minds.  They were offered money ($10,000 each) and intimidated into making distorted and false claims against him.  Prior to treatment, Dr Orpin gave all patients relevant research literature (1, 2, 3 below) to read and had them sign a legal consent document to undergo the above unconventional therapies. Two of these former patients later used by the CPSO had given him book gifts as expressions of gratitude on completing treatment and all had signed an attendance book with record of satisfaction after each visit. Since these allegations surfaced many years after expiry of his legal obligation to retain records, he was unable to present an adequate defence.

His persecution has been further exacerbated by attacks and false statements from websites funded by Scientology which he joined in the 1980's because of his appreciation of the philosophy of Dianetics but later abandoned.

Two other doctors (Dr R.L. and Dr S.W.) who supported John Orpin have had their licences unfairly suspended.  Many other unconventional doctors have suffered similar unfair persecution at the hands of the CPSO. One Toronto doctor (Dr D.C.) has accused the CPSO of "conspiracy and deceit" in removing his licence and is currently suing the CPSO for $40 million and recently won his appeal against the CPSO (6). A court found the CPSO to have "defied provincial law, flouted its own testing rules, then breached the rules of natural justice".  Another doctor (Dr. Felix Ravikovich) was persecuted for using histamines in treating asthma.  

Link:  "Governing bodies have tried to stop successful doctors from practising" 


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John was a clinical teacher at the Faculty of Medicine, Univ. of Toronto in the 1960's and 70's.  He taught Medical Electronics at Ryerson College, at University of Ottawa and at University of Waterloo. He was a medical scientist in Public Health for 10 years on the staff of the Government of Canada's  Environmental Health Protection Branch, where he was responsible for hospital safety.  He has been an Emergency Dept. physician and taught courses on cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.

John has 5 university degrees: 

  1. Bachelor of Medicine (M.B.), 

  2. Bachelor of Surgery (Ch.B.) , 

  3. Masters degree in Biophysics (Imperial College, University of London, UK), 

  4. Bachelor of Science in Electron Physics, (University of Toronto)

  5. Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) in Alternative Medicine from the “Open International University of Complementary Medicines” of Sri Lanka in 1990.

John is also a graduate of the following programs

Reiki (II-Usui/Furomoto),


Shamanism (Dr M.Harner),

EST (W. Erhard) and the Forum,

NLP (Bandler, LaValle & Tad James),

Dowsing with Hanna Kroeger, Raymon Grace

Psychoanalysis with Dr Irvine Schiffer (Author of "Charysma"

Past Life Regression


Transactional Analysis

Primal Therapy with Dr Tom Verny


Psycholytic Therapy (Dr Stan Grof)

Family Therapy with Jay Haley

Experiential Therapy with Dr John Warkentin

Reality Therapy with Dr Albert Ellis

He was a student of  Psychosynthesis, Dianetics, Focussing, Creation Spirituality (Matthew Fox), Buddhism, Hinduism, Bahai, Kabbalah, Gnosticism, Course in Miracles, Celestine Prophecy, the Bible, Quantum Physics, String Theory, Kundalini, Tantra, Radionics, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Jungian Psychology, Applied Kinesiology (Dr David Hawkins). 

He is a current member of

American Holistic Medical Association,

American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine,

The Society of NLP

World Organization of Natural Medical Practitioners (WONMP), accredited with the American Naturopathic Association

John can be reached at (905) 827-9448