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The actions of the College of Physicians & Surgeons of British Columbia against Dr. David Derry are not unique. Similar governing bodies have tried to stop successful doctors from practising in other parts of Canada, and in the UK. This section of this website has links to articles about other cases against conscientious physicians who have successfully treated numerous patients in their fields, although perhaps not with the prescribed approach.


Other Countries

Books of Interest


"A medical inquisition" by Candis McLean, Report, February 18, 2002. Reproduced at this site.

Some say it is this perceived threat against traditional medicine that is prompting "witch hunts" by some colleges of physicians and surgeons. Critics wonder about the influence of the pharmaceutical and insurance industries behind the scenes....

In this article, Dr. Derry is listed in the company of Dr. George Gale, Dr. Jozef Krop, Dr. Allon Reddoch, and Dr. Michael Smith, all of whom were or are targets of the College of Physicians & Surgeons in their province or territory despite (or because of?) their excellent records of helping patients get well.


British Columbia

BC Medical Journal Volume 43, Number 10, December 2001, page 551: Personal view by Thomas P. Millar, MD

It was my opinion that the real reason that I was targeted was because I had been critical of the College for their mismanagement of sexual abuse complaints against Dr James Tyhurst. They had already put a letter of admonishment on my file for expressing my views on this matter. I was, and am, sure they were simply using my age as an excuse to harass me with peer review.

Ontario Overview

College of Physicians' Watchdog  now removed for reasons we can only guess.

Increasingly, doctors, patients, and health advocacy groups are finding that the policies of Canada’s medical regulatory bodies often do not reflect current medical science, frequently ignore the reality of clinical experience, and rarely take into account patients’ choices.


"Beyond therapy: Is the College of Physicians and Surgeons persecuting alternative health practitioners?" by Bruce Livesay, Eye, December 14, 2000

The college employs its own investigators, who can seize doctors' files, pretend to be patients and tape conversations with doctors. It launches investigations based on patient complaints or because it feels a doctor is doing something improper, and it can suspend a licence without a hearing.
"The outcome of [Dr. Kooner's] treatment is irrelevant. You have to decide whether he acted in accordance with Ontario standards."

Unlike some of the doctors discussed in this article, Dr. Derry does not practise alternative medicine. The similarities, however, are in how the College goes after doctors whose approach to health care is not within the confines of what the College deems acceptable, and that the success of the treatment is not even considered. The focus in this article is on Dr. Michael Smith, Dr. Jozef Krop, Dr. Frank Adams, Dr. Carolyn Dean, and Dr. S.S. Kooner.


Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Dr. Krop's lawyer, in an effort to nail the Jell-O to the wall, put the deputy registrar, Dr. John Carlisle, on the stand for cross-examination on this point. Dr. Carlisle is in charge of the discipline process in the CPSO [College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario]. Mr. Manning asked him if there were any written standards and Dr. Carlisle said no. So Mr. Manning asked, "So, who sets the standards?" To this Dr. Carlisle answered without hesitation, "I do."
- Helke Ferrie, science writer

Dr. Frank Adams, Ontario

"Medical watchdog sparks painful row" by Robert Cribb, Toronto Star, September 10, 2001

"I had my life back," says Bauder, recalling his treatment under Adams. "Now, I'm back to where I was— in pain and on the couch most of the time. I finally found something that works and my [current physician] has taken me off it. Because of the college, doctors here are afraid of losing their licences and being embarrassed, so they won't prescribe the kind of medication I need."

Dr. S.S. Kooner, Ontario

"CPSO Threatens to Revoke License of Local Doctor: Patients Left Breathless" by Helke Ferrie (Adobe Acrobat reader required)

...when truly terrible things happen, nothing is done. Yet, Dr. Kooner's treatments, as the evidence supplied by the defence showed, are far safer than the traditional [asthma] treatments the CPSO insists must remain standard.

"Dr. S. Kooner's License Revoked By Kangaroo Court" by Helke Ferrie (Adobe Acrobat reader required)

That the prosecution failed to prove harm was conveniently left out, as was the fact that whatever he was doing non-traditionally (by whatever interpretation) is his legal right to offer and the patient's legal right to request.

Dr. Jozef Krop, Ontario

"The Kafkaesque Conviction of Dr. J. Krop" by Helke Ferrie (Adobe Acrobat reader required)

Dr. Krop was ordered by Deputy-Registrar Dr. John Carlisle to provide scientific and diagnostic evidence for his treatment methods, and he complied by handing in several pounds of documentation. In cross-examination, Dr. Carlisle stated that he never read any of it, nor had he considered it necessary to give it to anybody else to read.

"The Philosophical Battle Over Alternative Medicine" by Charles W. Moore

These charges [against Dr. Krop] are a violation of the international Helsinki Agreement which guarantees doctors the right to use any treatment which in his or her judgment will alleviate suffering. They are an abusive attempt to suppress preventative, nutritional, complimentary, orthomolecular, and PARTICULARLY environmental medicine, all of which are cost-effective in the long-term, successful in outcomes, and make a very real and definite improvement in patients' health and quality of life.
Indeed, the allopathic establishment has a long history of stubborn reluctance to embrace new or innovative ideas. "It took 40 years for doctors to accept Pasteur's theory that boiled milk prevented tuberculosis," notes Dr. Ken Wiancko. French chemist and biologist Louis Pasteur (1822-95) is today considered the founder of microbiology, but...[he] was attacked by medical authorities....

"Startling Examples of Illegal Activities by the College Revealed During Emotional Day of Testimony" by Rich Patterson, January 23, 1998

Despite attempts by the prosecution to obstruct every attempt to table evidence of abuse of process, [defence counsel] Mr. Manning introduced evidence to the discipline panel to show that: Dr. Krop was purposefully deceived regarding the scope and seriousness of the investigation into his practice; Dr. Krop was not informed that a prosecution was being prepared for a discipline hearing against him; patients in Dr. Krop's seized charts were contacted under false pretences; and, that knowing their case was weak, the College explored other illegal avenues to entrap Dr. Krop.

More articles about Dr. Krop are at College of Physicians' Watchdog (site has been forced off).


Dr. Allon Reddoch, Yukon

"Bittersweet victory for CMA past president" by Steve Wharry, Canadian Medical Association Journal, January 22, 2002

"There was no blatant disregard [on the part of the physician] in this case."

Other Countries

Dr. Barry Durrant-Peatfield, UK

In May 2001, the General Medical Council (GMC) in the UK suspended Dr. Barry Durrant-Peatfield's license to practise medicine because of his treatment of thyroid patients. While Dr. Durrant-Peatfield and Dr. Derry are in different countries, the parallels of their situations are striking:

  • Both doctors listened to their patients and regarded symptoms as more relevant than flawed lab tests.
  • Both doctors recognized the need for many hypothyroid patients to have supplementation of the thyroid hormone T3 in addition to T4, usually as natural, desiccated thyroid.
  • Both doctors had great success in treating patients with thyroid disorders, and they had tremendous patient support.
  • Both doctors have been described as using 'alternative' treatment, but their treatment was what has been used successfully for decades — since before the current questionable lab tests became commonplace and pharmaceutical salespeople convinced most doctors that their products were superior to natural thyroid hormone replacement.
  • Both doctors were given short notice to respond to the accusations against them, much shorter than a murderer would receive to prepare for trial.
  • Both governing bodies used medical files of these doctors' patients without the patients' consent.
  • Both governing bodies received hundreds of letters of support for these doctors.

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Books of Interest

Links to pages with reviews of the following books are provided for informational purposes only, and do not imply endorsement by BITES.


Prescription Games: Money, Ego, and Power Inside the Global Pharmaceutical Industry by Jeffrey Robinson, McClelland & Stewart Ltd., 2001

This book includes a fascinating chapter on Dr. Nancy Olivieri, founder of Doctors for Research Integrity.



Politics in Healing: The suppression and manipulation of American Medicine by Daniel Haley, Potomac Valley Press, 2000

Read a damning indictment of the American Medical Association stopping all sorts of innovative treatments and medical breakthroughs.


Supporting Freedom of Choice for Patients and Doctors